Unforeseen traveled to Malmo Once in Copenhagen Denmark

Unforeseen traveled to Malmo Once in Copenhagen Denmark. Originally there was no intention at the time we pay a visit to Malmö we come to Copenhagen. Plan first, we were all going to spend two days around the capital city of Denmark.

Three days prior to departure, His mother saw an ad about the TT-Lines, a shipping company waiter east coast route Germany to ports in Sweden. One of them offers ferry routes Travemuende - Trelleborg. Enchanting. Because cheap. Had Mother bookmarks on the computer.

When studied further, His mother knew that the nearest large town with Trelleborg in southern Sweden are Malmo. And Malmo - Copenhagen is only separated by the Oresund Bridge. Alias ​​35-minute journey by train.

Might as well, we decided. One-way, two cities in two states visited. Because we did touristy bulk. Once went straight wants to travel many places. Similar to Japanese tourists, says our friend Walter.Be us to Malmo Friday afternoon. Only five of us. Our whole family, Mas JJ and Wilda willing to come along. Farid and Sese prefers exploring Copenhagen city center that afternoon. After resting for an hour after entering the inn. Fortunately, where we stayed only about a three minute walk from the main train station of Copenhagen.At the ticket offices, the officers count on his calculator and quickly replied, "Eighty-six euro." We krone banknote issued, asking the next scheduled train departure. '' At five over two, track 5'', he said.

Hah, ten minutes. His mother told the father to platform 5 while he sought our other traveling companions.That afternoon, the 5 train platform filled with passengers. Bad time to catch the train. Moreover, this train will stop in Copenhagen airport. In addition to crowded, many passengers carrying large suitcases. At 5:05, the train has not come. Fifteen minutes late, according to the instructions on a monitor on the platform.Most of the look of calm on the train delays. The four of us including passengers upset. Moreover, the longer, the more crowded the place was packed with waiting passengers.

We immediately fought for space with hundreds of other passengers. His mother ran to the door, holding Embak when the train came 20 minutes later. Walking slowly between the suitcase. I found a place to sit. Embak lap. Two hands holding bags and two tripod. We split up. Either is where fellow traveler. The train was stuffy and hot.

In the path between the airport and the station Malmö Syd Svaagertorp Oresund Bridge stretches Oeresundbroen alias. Running is actually not entirely shaped bridge, but rather consists of two parts. Approximately 4 kilometers long tunnel (including 3.51 kilometers of tunnels under the sea) and the 7.85 kilometer long bridge. This bridge has the world's longest cable span, ie 490 meters. 204 meter-high pillar height. Abi, Mas JJ, and Wilda in disbelief when I told her we had passed through the tunnel at the bottom of the sea. They felt by ordinary tunnel.

Since the day before dusk, we could enjoy the view over the bridge properly. Especially when it's foggy outside. Not had time to capture the historic moment.

Nearly six o'clock when we arrived at Malmo Central. Our first activity, especially if it is not berpotret station. Under the plate reads: Malmo. As evidence we've ever been to Sweden.Hall of Malmo central station similar to Copenhagen in a smaller version. Framework of the roof is made of red wood. Quite crowded.

We photographed approximately 10 minutes in front of the station. With a variety of styles. Compared to Copenhagen, here is more quiet and orderly. The building is similar to other European cities. One of the residents pride scrapers langet Malmo Turning Torso, seen in the distance. Unfortunately we do not have a map of the city. That there is only a small piece of the map Denmark map that we took at the hotel. Fair as the orientation direction.

We are down the road on the right side towards the station to the city center Stortorget, an open space like a square. In this complex stands the town hall, offices, hotels and banks. In the middle there is a tall statue of about 3 meters. It's pretty quiet here. An invisible sign that Malmo is Sweden's third largest city. We walked and portraits here and there.

The day started cold for us. Pedestrian areas and shops and not too crowded. Naturally, because the stores have closed. Just a bustling cafe and restaurant looks from the outside. Circling in the pedestrian zone, we did not find something special in Malmo. Still, I love this city. Different aura. Quiet, neat, orderly, calm. Comfortable for city living.

Lilla Torg, not far from Stortorget, apparently is one of the food center in Malmo. Around him are restaurants, cafes, and bakeries and pastry. There is a grilled meat restaurant, restaurant india, as well as European food restaurant. All the cafes there have benches outside the cordoned wooden fence. There are blankets on each seat. Almost all filled dining customers. It was about half past eight. Dinner hours. If we were walking near the fence, it will feel warm. The owner put a fence around the heater.Can not stand the cold, we decided to get back to the central station. Catch the train to Copenhagen departing five minutes.


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