Turkey can Already Visited With VoA Indonesians

Yesterday saaat chatted with her family, there is information that Turkey was able to visit without a visa. As I wrote here, then Mr. President recently visited Turkey, and signed visa abolition agreement entry to those who visit in the short term.

After a long wait, there is news that will apply for a green passport holder citizen is VoA or Visa on Arrival. But when checked about 2 months ago, is also not applicable.


Well when checking the accuracy of the information herein friend: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Indonesian_citizens, it turns out VoA is already true for Indonesia passport holder.


The new rules would make it easier for those who will travel to Turkey. We-we are from Germany, for example, used to have to take care of visa to go first to the nearest embassy or consul. The cost varies. But clearly more expensive than the cost of VoA (25 USD). Also more trouble, because we had come to the city where the embassy / consular Turkish nearby.


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