Trips to Monschau, Beautiful City in Riverside Rur

Trips to Monschau, Beautiful City in Riverside Rur. Located in the Eifel mountains near the border with Belgium, a small town Monschau be one of the major tourist attraction in this area. We heard his name from some friends in Aachen. The boss also told me about the beauty of the Christmas Market Monschau. But do not come at the end of the week. Would be difficult to find a parking space, and the small town is usually crowded.

From the house, Monschau is almost forty five miles. Or about 40 minutes drive. So on a Sunday in early February meluncurlah family travelers to the city. We go through the typical streets winding mountain with beautiful scenery on either side. When winter where most of the trees have no leaves already feels beauty. In the spring line definitely looks more beautiful mountains again. We went through several small towns were also beautiful and unique as Nideggen and Simmerath. For the day of the week, the city looks deserted. Only a few bakeries and eateries open.
Trips to Monschau, Beautiful City in Riverside Rur.

In Monschau apparently much lower temperature than where we lived in Duren. When leaving the house, the outside temperature around 10 ° C. We thought this day would be warm. So the thinner jacket. The kids still wearing a heavy jacket but without the headgear. New exit the vehicle immediately felt the chill of the mountain air. Without a warm costume preparation, we did not want to linger in this city. The important thing is the photographs of the city and enjoy some of the content.

We went down to the old town. Towards the entry complex we've seen some old buildings from medieval wooden slabs. The Germans call it Fachwerkhaus. There is a ditch flowing towards the city center. It looked like a sewer, but the water was very clear and did not smell. The kids love to look into the water. Interestingly, we note also the river through the home base. Or passing right in front of their house. Then there is another ditch flowing into the city. The longer, the trench continues to expand so join the river Rur. The creek is split right in the middle of the heart of the old city.

Monschau Castle is expected at the beginning of the 13th century. Now, the castle on the back of a hill has been converted into a youth hostel. Monschau myself have experienced the golden era in the late 16th century, when the Protestant Arnold Schmitz who also pembuah shawl escape from Aachen to Monschau. A young Protestant pastor who also fled, Johann Heinrich Scheibler, making the textile industry as a major industrial city in the 18th century. Unfortunately, the textile industry has suffered from the tax system established by the Kingdom of Prussia and the latest to join the regional rail system fire.


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