Trips to the Eifel Mountains in Germany Not Lose Points Of Eiffel Paris

Trips to the Eifel Mountains in Germany Not Lose Points Of Eiffel Paris. Eits, do not be fooled once. This paper is not at all related to the famous tower in the French capital. F its only one. Eifel here was not a tower, building, or man-made monument, but rather the name of a mountain in western Germany. Eifel is located very close to where the family lived both in Düren. If looked from the balcony of our apartment, it would seem most of these mountains of green.
Been a while we heard the beauty of the Eifel. Besides the mountains, the sprawling Eifel to the state of Rheinland Pfalz to the Belgian state also has lakes, rocks, and vineyards. Masyur as well as an active tourist attractions like hiking, biking, camping as well as for the resort because of the coolness and good quality of air in there.
Intention to visit the Eifel was delayed many. At the very least, we want to visit the nearby towns at the gate, as Schleiden, Monschau, Euskirchen, Nideggen and Heimbach. Cities within the reach of monthly ticket public transport owned by Mr.. So we do not need to cost more to get there.
Originally we wanted to Monschau first. But then Mother got the information, there is a free bus tour around the lake Rur if you have a monthly ticket. The bus ngetem Heimbach. And there is a direct bus stop near the house to the dar Heimbach. So we get there. At noon one Sunday, when very thick clouds hanging in the sky Duren.
Nearly fifty minute journey to Heimbach is eye wash unforgettable moment. The scenery is thrilling. the beginning is the road a few kilometers past the average industrial and commercial areas. Afterwards are small villages, many old houses made of natural stone and wood slabs from the Middle Ages. Although very impressive old houses are still inhabited and maintained. Most of the village, so small, it only contains a few home. The rest is hecken (collection of trees) planted as a protector of homes and buildings.
In the last half of the trip, the road began to climb. We started through the villages in the hills. Imraan was asleep. Embak and Dad was getting sleepy. It seems taxable influence curves, climbs and a bit derivative way. His mother was feeling pity missed view of the countryside, farms, paddy fields and small forests.
Just a few minutes before Heimbach, heavy rains had flushed. Even when we have reached the goal. Embak began to starve. We take shelter for a while, take some brochures at the travel information center tourist information. It is clear that Heimbach is one tourist destination there. Accommodation, hotels, cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the village on the slopes of this mountain. The cars and motorcycles lined the Dutch license plates in the parking lot. His mother noticed the older tourists dominate here.
Free bus named Mäxchen, appeared shortly thereafter. Mr. ensure that we get a free ride. We also double-decker bus ride to the bus like the ancient city of Surabaya. Jump to top. Nothing other than our passengers on the upper level. Old bus runs up, entered the Eifel region. Occasionally the roof crashing branches of trees. We passed Mariawald Monastery, Kettermeterhöhe, see the natural beauty. Unfortunately rainy day outside. Prevented us to take a good picture of the bus. Mäxchen glass filled with raindrops.
Half an hour later, we arrived at the lake Rur. Mäxchen quit some time. The rain began to subside, and we decided to go down for a moment. Capture multiple images.
Rur lake is actually a large dam, forming clusters of lakes. The largest may be navigable by boat paddle or motor. A great hotel standing on the edge near the parked bus. Soon, senior tourists Dutch began to fill the bus. We rise again. This time at the bottom. Enjoy the rest of the sights. Before returning immediately to Düren. This time take the train. Which unfortunately did not sesepektakuler scenery while riding the bus to Heimbach.
Ah, we really liked the Eifel. At first glance. We planned our next visits. Wanderung, cycling, visiting the old towns. Places other natural attractions.


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