Treat Tongue By Eating Pizza in "State Pizza"

Treat Tongue By Eating Pizza in State Pizza,Italia. During the four-day outing family travelers in Italy, we have evolved into almost vegetarian. Our food over there is bread, pizza, instant noodles and two meals kebab.

The price of food is more expensive there than in Germany. Probably because most of Italy is a popular tourist destination. Food prices cheapest we found is 6 euros per share. Despite include drinking, it still feels expensive for tourists is minimal funds. Imbiss kebab hard to find, especially Asian restaurant. When you find it, it turns out restauarannya were closed or we're not hungry. Treat Tongue By Eating Pizza in State Pizza, do you ever go to Italy to enjoy a slice of pizza?

In Venice we find a halal kebab shop owned by the Turks. One of the sellers understand some English. His mother had pizza tonno, Mr. choosing kebab. Pizza, hmm huenak. Tomato flavor is dominant. Pizza thin Italian pizza is thicker than the preferred Emak a la America. Kebabnya, Dad said, no less delicious. Although poor vegetable, but a sense of soft cheese on the tongue. We pack a piece for the sleeping Embak. Whether it was real nice. Or is it due to a combination hungry and cold. I do not know.

When going back to Germany, we were starving at the Venice airport. In fact, only in the afternoon we will arrive in the city of Hannover. In the complex airport duty free shop just wrote prayers and sellers pizza + baguette. Baguette was beyond appetizing, so we choose to store pizza. Once again, Mother bought pizza tonno with a mixture of black olives. A slice of pizza costs 3.40 euros. Not too expensive considering its size too big. Although the piece consists of a quarter circle pizza giant size, but the size is almost equivalent to the size of a normal pizza round in Germany.

It was apparently a surprise, "huenakk sekali"!! His mother is usually not fond of olives, ate it with relish. Type is steinofenpizza, aka pizza baked in a stone oven. So there is a distinctive smell and taste burnt. Wah, this is the most delicious pizza ever eaten Emak lifetime. Although it is full, we decided to buy one more container to be wrapped as stock. I'll settle for eating and not imagine the shadows again. Duh, if you remember the pizza was so want to Italy again,


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