Travelling Two Days in the Heart of Belgium

Travelling Two Days in the Heart of Belgium. We decided to walk to the Avenue de Stalingrad while passing through the major tourist attractions in Brussels. From the Place de Brouckere, we walked through the Place de la Bourse. Photographing a glimpse of the contents of Brussels Museum, mamperhatikan people who were eating or drinking in the cafes. Through a row of shops in a unique building typical Belgian. Lots of chocolate and praline shop in the neighborhood. The smell of chocolate often makes us want to stop. Although it is not our doing. We just bought two kinds of souvenirs in the gift shop.

We note, in addition to a lot of tourists or locals pass, where it is also widely seen beggars. Most of us see is veiled women. Some are carrying a baby. We could not bear to see that small children are taken to beg.

grote markt-brussels-
Grote Markt / Grand Place in the heart of Brussels is one of the loveliest places we've ever seen. Not less beautiful old town Prague circle in Czech Republic. Many say that, compared to other European capitals, Brussels in the category of normal. So we do not think this will be treated as beautiful scenery. And since 1998, this place in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage.

Grote Markt has become the center of Brussels since the eleventh century AD. In the year 1695, this place was once destroyed by French troops. But soon afterwards rebuilt. From this construction becomes more baroque style. The front of the city hall shaped carving. In the center stood a tall tower. Golden color dominate some parts of the building. The impression became more magnificent. Most of the building now serves as a cafe or hotel.

Mr. photographed from all angles. His mother recorded some atmosphere here. Not far from here, walk to the cathedral, we saw the Tintin shop. Sellers of various knick-knacks of this famous comic character. We did not go in, just take a picture in front of it.

From here we go on a trip to the Mannekin Pis, a statue of urinating boy. This small sculpture is very popular among tourists. Because in our opinion not very interesting, after taking one or two photos, we passed away. So that before long we had reached the Avenue de Stalingrad and sat in the Thai-Vietnamese restaurant kosher.

Before returning to the hotel, we were a time to visit the Parc du Cinquantenaire and the oldest mosque in Brussels.


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