Travelling To The Old City Thessaloniki, Greece

Travelling to the old city Thessaloniki, Greece. Thessaloniki, is a historic town long turns. Founded by peguasa Macedonia, Kassandros, 315 years BC, were named according to the name of his wife, Thessalonike, half-sister of Alexander the Great. The Romans, the Byzantine Empire, Nation Venezia, the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire once ruled the region.

No wonder the city is still keeping diverse heritage of various nations. Supported by its strategic location on the edge of the Gulf of Thermal, the city is very strategic port city and trade center. Roman Emperor Galerius, making it the capital of the eastern region. Afterwards, turn into the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople (Istanbul). And remained in Ottoman domination.
Travelling to the old city Thessaloniki, Greece. Impressive comrades go to Greece.

Our whole family to explore Thessaloniki in two different days. The first and third day in Greece. Diselilingi day overnight trip to the Greek capital, Athens. Of the plane visible geographical structure of the Greek mainland is hilly. Similarly Thessaloniki. Has a population of approximately one million people and holds the title as the second biggest city in Greece.
Travelling to the old city Thessaloniki, Greece. Impressive comrades go to Greece.

Armed with a small map in the guidebook that we had brought from Germany we explored the city of Thessaloniki. Although not too full, this map shows the exact position of the main tourist sites in the city.

The first tourist, not as white as the color of the White Tower, due to the influence of the time. It was round about as tall as 25 meters. Built by the Ottoman regime under the rule of Sultan Sulaiman (1520-66), who used it as a bastion of defense, garrison and prison. Today this historic building serves as the Byzantine Culture Museum. Closed when we were there.

Walking on the promenade near the tower Thermal Bay, with the sea on either side of the highway with a high apartments on the other hand, allows us to listen to a little bit about the way of life of citizens of Thessaloniki. One lane highway is always crowded by motor vehicles. His mother noticed, most of the streets here have one lane. Most of the bottom of the apartment across the hall serves as a cafe promenade. They look comfortable. With overstuffed sofas facing the highway. Apparently, people like to hang out in the cafe Thessaloniki. Almost no visible empty cafe. They eat and drink on the sofa and listening to music frenzied.

Named by leading Greek philosopher, Aristotle Square is an elegant open space memorable. This place is cut by 3 avenue interspersed flower gardens. Looks like a bottle. Cafes meet in the middle of the field and there are many public benches to unwind. Dozens of motorcycles parked at the mouth of the field.

We went on, up the road toward Agio Dimitriou, discover ancient church of Agios Dimitrios. When the Turkish power, the church was converted into a mosque.

Agio Dimitriou street is one lane highway crowded by vehicles, and traders on both sides. Just like other roads in the city center, the street is also filled with stalls and shops. Also the place to eat. Namuan smaller. Each store sells the two products. For example, fruit and vegetable stores, shoe stores, etc..

Walking in dense residential settlements made us confused and had lost. In fact, we've discovered Byzantine wall near the house, but the way out to Kastro not yet seen. Thanks be an old lady told us the way out. Greek, but we get the point.

Glad when we get through the Gate Tower Trigonios Anna Paleologina. Almost all parts of the city of Thessaloniki seen here. The road to the top of a circular stone tower is closed. There is a public park and a bench in front of the tower. Dozens of people were sitting around enjoying the view of the city below. The sun was almost drowned.

We have lost the energy to continue to Eptapirgio, a former prison tower in the past. And decided to descend via a different path, heading straight for the train station. Walking for a night on the streets of Thessaloniki.

The next day we were in Thessaloniki was during the day, coming home from Athens. Routes Athens - Thessaloniki we go through in an economy train lasted nearly six hours. Crowded passenger train since from Rome. Still no standing passengers. Greek Railway Company did not sell tickets free seating. We kecele, has envisioned heed the view from the train. Although quite scenic, scenery along the road is dominated by mountains, hills, agricultural areas, and olive orchard. A little bland. Rarely do we pass the big city. Occasional train stopped at a small station. Only the city of Larissa looks very beautiful. With a unique shape houses. Each home has a wide open space on the ground floor. Similar homes hanging.

Two hours, a very short considering we intend to walk down the street Egnatia, which the ancient tourist objects more scattered. Embak asleep in the stroller. We walked fast. Photographing Hamza Bey Mosque which is being renovated, the Basilica Archiropitos, Agia Sophia, Rotonda and Bows Galerius, relics of a former Roman Emperor. Just before looking for the bus stop, we were also a time to photograph the ruins of the Palace of the Roman Emperor Gounari Odos.

There's not much time left when we were looking for the bus stop to the airport. It's well after the park near the White Tower. We half ran, afraid to miss the bus and be late to the airport. Gratitude it did not happen. We even checked in early. Also had the typical Cretan salad eating in restaurants airports.


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