Travelling to Brandenburg, The Former Capital of East Germany

Travelling to Brandenburg, the former capital of East Germany. The state of Brandenburg is located in the former East Germany northeastern part of the country. Its capital Potsdam, specifically around the state capital of reunited Germany, Berlin. Adjacent to the Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Brandenburg also had a lot of crystal clear lakes, tree-lined street on both sides, a peaceful rural area, as well as the natural landscape. Small villages and cultural attractions Brandenburg had a long and significant history. In the last three hundred years, the former city garison, Potsdam, has become one of Europe's grandest royal city.

Brandenburg has at least 13 area attractions. All located around Berlin. Other area attractions include the picturesque villages in Havelland, natural inland Uckermark to the southwest, the Palace and the gardens are lovely Pots dam, palaces and forests in the region as well as stunning views of the river Fläming beautiful in the world along the Spree Forest.
Travelling to Brandenburg, the former capital of East Germany.

Landscape became the mainstay of the state. Approximately one-third of the breadth of a natural park like Yosemite National Unteres Odertal with three biosphere in it, Spree Forest, Schorfheide-Chorin, and the banks of the river Elba-Brandenburg. Each visitor can choose one or several of the many options to enjoy the natural areas here: by bicycle, walking, sightseeing, boating or horseback.

The charming town of Potsdam, the capital of the state of Brandenburg is a stark contrast compared to Berlin. However, visiting castles and beautiful gardens will provide a wonderful experience for tourists also. Palaces and Parks Potsdam become one of the UNESCO cultural heritage.

When visitors watched from near Sanssouci Palace with terraced gardens, gushing water or walking along the street with shady trees on either side towards the New Palace, will be able to feel why many princes, kings or emperors rather stay in Potsdam. The park around the Sanssouci palace is one of the most spectacular parks in Europe. The area around the Sanssouci Palace, a summer resident of the kingdom, covering an area of ​​approximately 500 acres and consists of 150 buildings. King Frederick II of Prussia and keturunannyamemiliki many houses and palaces in and around Potsdam, in a comprehensive-artistic complex baroque style.


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