Travelling Sensation Following Directions Hearts in Amsterdam

Travelling Sensation Following Directions Hearts in Amsterdam. It was in the summer of 2004, both parents father was visiting Germany. After a long walk to several cities in Germany, we would like to also invite them to take a walk to the neighboring countries. The choice fell to Amsterdam. Consideration, close to where we lived, and could use a cheap bus commute from Bremen Rainbow. When the charge was 29 euro per person.

Pretty sunny day. This journey is guided by a 25-year-old young man. He said his name, which we promptly forget again. Shortly after leaving, the guide convey little information about our trip. How long the trip will take place, where the bus will stop a break, what time we will arrive at Amsterdam, etc.. His words are very friendly. And it seems that most of the passengers were upbeat cheerful day.
Travelling Sensation Following Directions Hearts in Amsterdam, Have you ever done a tour like that?

After a half-hour stop in the Netherlands, the bus back eastward. The tour stretched paper contains a questionnaire to all passengers. He said two passengers with the highest score will receive a surprise gift. It's all five questions, among others, about the kinds of Dutch cheese, what percentage of land area than the water in Amsterdam, the names of famous disco in there, etc.. His mother could only answer three of them. Prize each won a bottle of wine by two German women.
Travelling Sensation Following Directions Hearts in Amsterdam, You are interested in and are interested in doing such strange advice? Hehe

Middle of the day, we had been the largest city in the Netherlands. Guides deliver places a major tourist destination there, disco-disco renowned city, as well as additional tour around the canals of Rainbow form with the boot, around the "red area Amsterdam", etc.. We will be back at half past twelve. Meet in front of the central station, where we unloaded.

In Amsterdam, overcast greeted our arrival. There was also a light rain fell for a moment. We took pictures in front of hundreds of bike parking lot in front of the station. While thinking about the next steps. This trip was done without preparation. We have not had to borrow guidebooks about Amsterdam or dig more information about it. Our stock is only a piece of the yellow copy photo map of the tour bus. The contents of some of the attractions. Map is our loyal friend one day in Amsterdam.

Examining the issue of more complete map of Amsterdam, I realized that we were just spinning around the Centrum. We're moving past the Damrak, where grachten (boat) hung. Find and around the city by bus is quite tempting. The price varies. Cheapest when it was 5 euro per person. Just-in-law a little worried about our safety. So that day we decided to walk alone where we can.

In the Damrak, in addition to many cafes, discos and eating places there are several travel agents. They offer a tour of the city to get out of town. There is also an offer for enjoying traveled tulip garden in Lisse. Or to Vollendam, most of which favored small where visitors can pose with clothes typical Dutch fishermen.

His mother just remember we had to go through a national museum, the palace the queen, Madame Tussaud's museum, flea market and flower and fruit market, as well as the Rembrandt museum. We also had a picnic in a park and buy flowers and spring rolls on the Nieuwmarkt. Also through the downtown dining and places like Chinatown. We have not found any complex red areas are highly renowned Amsterdam it. Occasionally we stood on the side of the bridge noticed grachten passing over the Amsterdam canals. Not only small boats transport tourists on the canals of the city is also often seen a boat that serves as a place to live. Even the inn.

The weather that day alternating between overcast, drizzle, and a sunny-warm. We take shelter in the shade of buildings or other stores when it rains. And went on when the drizzle stopped. Afternoon. We sat on the bench again roadside Damrak. Noting tourists and townspeople passing or being ngetem in cafes. In-laws are very impressed by the citizens of the city who love cycling. Although they are cool-cool makeup. Unlike the homeland, their comments. Where the bike is identical to the lower middle class.

The darker, the city looks more crowded. At the top nine in the evening, instead of the more deserted. Even more crowded by the arrival of young children. They got out of the train station and public transport. Towards cafes and discos known there. Not surprising since it was a Sunday night dinner.

Ten o'clock at night, we're running out of energy to walk. We waited for the bus back at the train station. Too cold when waiting outside the room. Surrounding the station and see the train route. Most of the station is being renovated so covered boards and building materials.

Soon we were at the station. Besides boredom, the central station was not open 24 hours. They closed before midnight. We came out of the building and sit on the bench outside. Noting the taxi driver came dann away. Amsterdam taxis is not uniform. The type and the car was different. Similar private car as a taxi ynag function. Nights getting colder. Fortunately Rainbow bus ride we arrived shortly thereafter. Bringing us back to Bremen.


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