Travelling On One Of The Most Beautiful Cities of Europe, Lisbon

Travelling On One Of The Most Beautiful Cities of Europe, Lisbon. After a successful visit to Spain, we take a glance at the door, Portugal. Unfortunately it's a shame there is rather a long pent-up desire. Hard to get cheap airline tickets to the country. Again we checked through a variety of low-cost airline or a travel agent. Nil. Until one day when Mother saw cheap flight deals from Lufthansa, the airline which included expensive in Germany.

The existence of this offering coincides with our schedule. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, we immediately messages ticket. Initially we hesitated, like three or four days there. After consulting with Walter, a friend and advisor of our streets says that Lisbon is one of Europe's most beautiful cities he has visited, so we decided four days there. Anyway, we get there in March, the weather was good enough to be traveling to the south. Not too hot, not too cold. According to the family travelers one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon also has a gorgeous addition to a major European club Sporting Lisbon which had once spawned the huge talent footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

But in reality, when daylight arrived at Lisbon, we swelter. Maybe because we are from colder regions in Central Europe. Especially after getting off a city bus while wearing the show strayed looking for lodging. Besides the heat, there are additional bete, up and down the hilly capital of Portugal. According to the family travelers one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Finished a short break and fill the stomach at the inn, we started to run into some places. True enough, although most of the city looks shabby, unkempt, Lisbon still showing her beauty in many places. Apparently the city is experiencing severe decline in population. No wonder many uninhabited apartments.

Effective time of our exploration in Lisbon is about two and a half days. We use as possible. We bought a daily ticket at the last day. While the first two days prefer the streets up and down the hills in the city. On foot, the charm of the place will be more absorbed than we utilize vehicle. However, because the field quite heavy, certainly in the first two days we explored the city close to the inn alone.

We are armed with a map of the city giving the innkeeper's mother, an Indian Muslim origin Mozambique. The first target is the Praca do Comercio, just tens of meters from the residence. An open space on the banks of the Rio Tejo. Some were closed due to renovations. We took pictures in the river. Hot air mingle with the river breeze.

From there, the journey continues to the downtown Baixa. Baixa is the area shops, offices as well as residential. Its location in the center of the bottom Lissabon. When viewed from the hills or high areas or map, it appears that the shape is very unique Baixa. Buildings resembling rows of neatly lined up. The sidewalks are made of ceramic. Slippery often skipped because pedestrians. Here, in addition to street vendors, live boutiques, galleries, shops and restaurants. There is a restaurant specialized in selling expensive seafood such as lobster and giant crab. Marine animals are on display in the aquarium alive. Buyers can choose and buy it at a price of 65 euros per kilogram. Wax ... Where were we able to buy that much food?

From Baixa we climbed up to the Castelo de Sao Jorge in the eastern hills of Baixa. Tanjakannya steep. We're through the cobbled streets and alleys staircase. In the former fort that once occupied these Muslims grew dark and the night wind blows even louder. Soon we were in this area because there is a costume getting thicker.

The next day, dilanjtkan adventure to places further afield. Rather morning we were ready exit the inn. The route that day was back over to the Baixa Rossio, Marques de Pombal, then up again until the end of the Parque Eduardo VII.

Rossio is a wide open space in the heart of Lisbon. Almost every public transportation such as bus, tram, and metro pass through this place. Surrounding buildings are shops, restaurants, and banks. In the midst of a large and beautiful gushing water. The reason plastered with a wave motif. Symbolizes water as an essential element for the city of Lisbon and Portugal in general. Plaster was first installed since 1849 by the inmates there. A statue of King Pedro IV stands proudly in front of a tall building.

We had to buy bread as additional stock at a bakery, before moving Eustacio do Rossio, a station with a very large and unique door. It looked like a half circle and ornate. From here a long and uphill along the Avenida da Liberdade started. These streets have sidewalks between tall trees. Lined park benches. As the rest of the walkers or the bed a few bums. We had time to sit down and photographed several times. My sister started fussing baby in a buggy. Want to walk free. We also took her arm as he continued to climb.

Increasingly uphill streets alone Arriving at Marques de Pombal roundabout where a monument stands tall. Behind him, is an park, Parque Eduardo VII, taken from the name of Eduard VII of England who visited Portugal in 1903. In addition to increasingly uphill road in the park, the trees rarely sampin just walk. We are hot and many break on a bench at the edge of the road. However, in view of the highest part of the park were amazing. Satisfied photos, we went back down to go to the other attractions.

Back to Rossio station, utilizing lift them, we climb again towards the Chiado. Object first caught the eye here is the Convento do Carmo, the ruins of a church damaged by a major earthquake in Lisbon in 1755. The poles are still visible ruins of the firm, while the roof had collapsed.

From here we go to the Bairro Alto, he said there is a place where we can buy cheap fish food department. But not knowing exactly where, after many surrounding streets and alleys and slums, still not met. So we decided to go to a shopping mall for an early evening meal at the same time break. The rest of our day was spent resting at the inn.

The next day we intend to explore the city with public kendraan. So early in the morning we had to counter the ticket seller. First, we want to taste the legendary number 28 tram. In addition to passing many attractions, a century-old tram also malalui oldest areas in the city. It fits perfectly for us who want to see the lives of citizens more closely.

Satisfied pp tram ride, we went down in the Basilica da Estrela, pictured briefly in the garden, then to the famous tourist area of ​​Belém. The first point is the Torre de Belem, which is located quite far from the tram stop dismissal. We had to walk to the edge of the river with another group of tourists. Torre de Belem is the first object seen every ship before it entered the port of Lisbon. Because it was purpose built tower. As a greeter every ship that entered the port in 1521, Portuguese sailors because sailors used to be renowned throughout the world. This elegant building is a national monument since 1902 and with Jeronimos monastery building designated as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Families had their pictures taken and buy some souvenirs, we kept running into a giant monument, Padrao dos Descobrimentos. Towering 52 meters high, on both sides of the monument stand 30 statues of important people Portuguese. Leading and the largest is Heinrich Sailors, holding a vessel in his hand, and looked toward the river. Behind such as Vasco da Gama and Pedro Alvares Cabral, Ferdinand Magellan, Diogo Cao, Bartolomeu Dias, King Manuel I, etc.. There is no shade, very hot here. Shortly after perpetuating map jelajahan Portuguese in the past, we went straight to the complex historical Jeronimos building not far from the monument.

Monastery complex at the same time this is one church that survived the onslaught of the massive earthquake in 1755 AD. Carved ornaments around it is very beautiful. Actually, anyone can get in free to the inner courtyard. But the weather was hot and tired, we just perpetuate and enjoy it from outside.

In the afternoon, our time to yourself photographing historic waterway that serves giant from the 18th century until now. Prayers at the only mosque in Lisbon, we went back to the city bus to the inn. Today it is very much our visit and very tiring. Tomorrow morning, we had to drive back to the airport. This once beautiful city. So that surrounds it feels almost four days were not enough to see everything.


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