Travelling Joy Spring in Cote D'Azur

Travelling joy Spring in Cote D'Azur. Springtime in the Cote D'Azur colored thick clouds and rain. Create liver lazy to roam. Brunch that day, we just decided to drive it towards St. Tropez.

Navigational tools we say that travel without highway will take about 2 hours. Okay, we thought she menyaimak overlooking the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Spying pretty towns there.

However, the afternoon traffic jam. Many large trucks also pass. Plus traffic light ynag stood every few meters. Make the heart more cranky and pleasure trips reduced.

From inside the vehicle, Mother photographing various places. Bada is still weak. There was no desire to stop and enjoy the beauty around. Observing a spot of the car, quite a lot of things can be seen. Great hotel in Antibes shaped vessel for example. Jams and crowded tourist town of Cannes. Though sednag no international film festival. Through and through the Frejus road rocky mountains. We also had time to take pictures of historical sites of ancient relics of the Roman Empire.

One that we miss, and His mother a bit sorry for it is to visit the small town of Grasse. And we've been near there. Passing through the fragrant gardens of lavender.

At one point between Frejus and St. Our Tropez nemu deserted beach. The sun is shining brightly. The Embak determined to shower on the beach. Though exact temperature is still cold. We turutin children briefly dipping bodies in the sea. The sister can not afford for long. But the Embak survive in the water. Fifteen minutes, no more, bathing in the sea should be terminated.

Many places in the seaside camp before St. Tropez. Ah, someday want to try camping there, commented Mr. We choose to come home via the highway. It was dark. Can not wait to fast until the camp again.


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