Travelling Fun Overnight in Malaysia

Travelling Fun Overnight in Malaysia. There was no intention of family travelers to Malaysia when going in 2009. Short time around, made us choose to be more time with family. But when checking the ticket prices found that the price of tickets Pekanbaru - Surabaya via Kuala Lumpur is much cheaper than via Jakarta, then, the opportunity to visit this country we do not waste it. Overnight. As a condition to be able to wander briefly in the capital of the neighboring country. Briefly take pictures as a memento.

Travelling Fun Overnight in Malaysia. Malaysia is the first country in Asia that visited our family. Incidentally family acquaintance living there. Making this short trip as connective relationship. Alhamdulillah family travelers can enjoy their hospitality. Travelling Fun Overnight in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Pekanbaru trip we spent forty menitan only. The plane landed at the airport the ride, which is populated mostly Malaysian-owned airline, AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines yani. Then we know that this airport LCCT aka they call the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Although designed specifically for low-cost airline, airport looks very modern and clean. As a result of the swine flu outbreak, all passengers are required to fill out a form, to check that someone infected with the disease. As well as measuring body temperature through the detector before queuing at the immigration. Despite the long queue, we do not need to be long-standing. Ten more counters open for non-Malaysian citizens.

His mother sent a text message to a friend. Which then gives information on the types of vehicles that we must take. From KLIA express train ride just to the central station or Central. Similarly, the sound sms reply from him.

Only after going back and forth a bit long in the airport, we just realized that we were in LCCT, KLIA instead. Which means that only can be reached by bus to Central. Weak, we decided to fill the stomach first on a 24-hour food court LCCT complex.

We all slept almost throughout the journey between the LCCT - Centraal Station. Nearly an hour turns away. From there, just go by taxi to the complex transnational Islamic University in Gombak. That afternoon very long passenger queues. We had to wait a long time after buying tickets cab.

Complex transnational Islamic University looks very spacious. His mother called to announce the arrival of his friends.

Family friends we stayed in faculty and staff housing Islamic University in Gombak among nations. Beautiful area surrounded by trees. Sometimes appears monkeys from there, according to the host.

Later that night, we were invited to drive to the city center. To the Petronas and surrounding areas. There is a children's playground in the park wide which is also very broad in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. The kids do not want wasted a chance to play. Although it was already deserted before nine o'clock. There baths children ynag closed. According to the father of the host, in the afternoon, a lot of kids and parents the trip here. We took lots of photos background Petronas Towers. Satisfied play, we see the attraction of water gushing in front of a large plaza. It's beautiful.

The next day, before returning to the LCCT to take off with a plane to Surabaya, the father of our host was invited to his alma mater, the university on Islamic studies. A beautiful building looks more like a palace than a university building. Day and night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was short. God willing we want to come here again in the future.


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