Travelling Experience Winter in Braunlage, Harz

Travelling Experience Winter in Braunlage, Harz.Europe, including Germany is one of heaven winter sports enthusiasts. In this season, when the snow-capped mountains. The peak occurred in December through February. Hobbyist winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snow sleding will overwhelm the main ski tourist spots in Germany.

In Germany there are many winter attractions. The most famous, of course, in the Alps, in southern Germany. Other places such as Bayerischer Wald, Allgäu, Erzgebirge, Schwarzwald, Thüringer Wald, Harz Sauerland and also much in demand.
Travelling Experience Winter in Braunlage, Harz,ever and could feel my experience?

Harz mountains as well as a national park, is the main winter tourist destination in northern Germany. Mountains are located in three states, including Saxony, Thuringia, and Saxony-Anhalt, and has a lot of cross country ski trails and hiking to skiing alias snowy path. The most popular is Braunlage, Altenau, Hahnenklee-Bockswiese, Hohegeiss, and Sankt Andreasberg.

Among several options, finally selecting Braunlage family travelers as a tourist first winter we visited mid-February 2005. Because this place has the largest ski area in the Harz. The small town is located in the state of Lower Saxony, and can be achieved by cheap train tickets from Bremerhaven, the city where we lived at the time.

Early in the morning we departed from Bremerhaven. Journey from Bremerhaven-Braunlage be approximately 4.5 hours by train to Bad Harzburg economy. Braunlage can only be reached by bus from Bad Harzburg. Travel by train economy class trains require that we swapped a few times before getting to the destination. The view during the trip is something that appeals to Mother. Because then he can see new things. In the passenger carrying trains seen some great luggage, ski and snowboarding equipment. We ourselves took two snow sled from home.

The road uphill towards Braunlage quite sharp. Buses drove not too tight. Once through the border town of Bad Harzburg, left-right view of the truly captivating. Turns out we had entered the national park Harz. Towering pine forests, lined on both sides of the road. The bottom and top are white. Snow blanketed the ground up to about four feet thick. Some pine trees bare. We go through Torfhaus, Oderbrück, and Königskrug, ski tourism in the territory of the national park Harz.

Braunlage is a small town at the foot of the mountain Wurmberg, has a population of approximately 5000 people. In this town stands the first ski club in Germany in 1892. The tourism sector is the engine of the economy Braunlage city. Most of the homes there serves also as an inn. In addition to equipment rental store or place of winter sports, the city is also filled with dozens of cafes and restaurants.

Wurmberg Seilbahn is transporting passengers to Wurmberg cabin, the highest peak in the state of Lower Saxony with a height of 971 meters above sea level. Transport vehicle has three stations, bottom, middle and top, and through a path along the 2.8 kilometers. Skiers and snowboarding are usually straight to the top of the station. Line-sleding snow in the middle of the station.

After getting ready and buying tickets, we also participate queued up Seilbahn. Tickets can be purchased one-way tickets, up and down, or a daily ticket. Station entrance can only be opened after we put tickets into the detector. Two of the officers seemed to watch them coming. Seilbahn moving slowly rotates with the door open. These vehicles carry passengers only stop if special, such as the elderly or the disabled. Regular passenger boarding was driving slowly. In the next available spot penyangkut board and ski sticks. The door was immediately closed after the cabin area of ​​the station exit.

It snowed like a rush that peaks shrouded in mist so thick. Everything is white. There are few places that is not covered with snow. Roofs, trees, soil, everything is white. Because of the rapid snowfall, we find it difficult to take photos. Moreover, by using thick gloves. We decided to walk a little walk around the station. In front of the station there is an uphill road, toward a restaurant. From the top of Wurmberg there are five ski and snowboarding with different difficulty levels. In the distance were several small children are learning to use skis. Before long, we were cold and back to the station.

When the snow is no longer down. The sky became brighter. We rushed to the track playing sleding aka snow sled in the snow about fifty meters from the central station. Skiers and snowboarding occasionally passes by us. Some are alone, together, or a group. It looks so cool if I could ski.

Sleding track is right next Rodelhaus, a restaurant as well as a place of rest in the middle of the station. The width of approximately 3 meters with a length of almost 1.5 kilometers and ends at the bottom station. Both sides are pine forests. Some parents and children began to slide in front of us. It seems fun. We have never skied on the track throughout this.

True, that would be sliding on the snowy path, although bumpy track. Embak who was then three years old laughing with delight. Our Sled made of plastics fall swiftly. Sometimes so hard, we got dropped in the snow. Quite often we meet those who are climbing back to the beginning of the track. Older people were like skating fun. Truly unique and unforgettable experience. Three times we got up the track sleding. And up the snowy hill along nearly 1.5 kilometers need extra struggle. But all comparable to the joy we felt that day.


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