Travelling Experience in Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl

Travelling experience in Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl. This year both families celebrate Eid al-Fitr in the city of Bonn Idhul. Together with a lot of other Indonesian citizens. Because have a daily ticket, we would like to use it to the streets after the halal-gatherings over.

Eid event finished at around two sing. Unfavorable weather that day. Thick overcast day and the possibility of heavy rain will occur. At first we wanted to Bonn, a small town near Bonn. Where there is the famous castle Drachenburg. Wear clothes and shoes do not fit widths to climb hills, we abort. A friend, Mr. Tom, suggested that we all Schloss (castle in the town of Brühl). Brühl terlatak between the cities of Bonn and Cologne. Easily reached by train.
Travelling experience in Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl.

ujan rains flushed when we were in train to Brühl. Thankfully it did not last long. When we arrived in the city, although still close cloudy sky, just a little drizzle greeted us. Fortunately again, this palace is located very close to the train station. It is clear after exiting the station. Street a little muddy. But do not lose our semnagat to walk around and take pictures. According to Mas Riza, when Bonn was the capital of West Germany, the chancellor often 'carry' state tetamu here.

We entered the palace gates and around the complex. No need to pay to enter this area. Import duties are only charged for those who want to get into the court building. From the outside it appears that most of the exterior of buildings being renovated. It appears some people in and out of the building. Although there are many, we look at some Asian tourists milling about here.

According to information WIkipedia, Erzbischof Cologne, Clemens August I of Bavaria (1700 - 1761) ordered the construction of Wittelsbacher dynasty style palace in the ruins of the palace barock Augustusburg since 1725. The architect was Johann Conrad Schlaun.

We immediately turned left into the palace garden. The park is also open free to the public. However, not many people we saw there. Greeted like a row of shade trees line. The middle section is a complex peponan park. Consisting of five pools with water gushing in the middle. Four among a circle. Along the edge of the park, we stopped long at the pool at the end, the only thing that is not circular. For a long time we photographed the family here. Sunggu beautiful results. Background of the palace and the pond in the park, our photos there as portrayed in a photo studio. Because the background is more like painting.

At that time we did not know that there was a castle, behind a row of trees in the back garden. Falkenlust name. However, because it was tired and wanted to stop by to shop first at Cologne, we decided to return to the station. Take the train again towards Cologne.


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