Travelling Downs Up Trains in Berlin, Germany

Travelling Downs Up Trains in Berlin, Germany. Travel far and long, acted with the economy going up and down the train would have been nice if undertaken concurrently alias-do. To Berlin's taken seven hours of Bremerhaven. Go home, fourteen hours. His lunch, just one weekend ticket from German railway company, Deutsche Bahn. Status of the current price, 37 euros. Can be used a maximum of 5 adults.

The downside of using this ticket, we had to change trains many times before to the destination city. For instance, from Bremerhaven to Berlin, we had to change trains three times at the station-Neugraben Hamburg, Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof, and Schwerin. During the approximately seven-hour trip. Yummy, we will get a treat eye view of the beautiful, unique, amazing, and other new things while traveling in the train. Travelling Downs Up Trains in Berlin, Germany,
Four Hours in Berlin, Fourteen Hours in Railways.

Route Bremerhaven - Hamburg, although new to us, nothing too special. The view is dominated by the agricultural, residential, industrial and forests. The route Hamburg - Schwerin more interesting to me, the first time took a trip through the former East German state.

The atmosphere felt different as soon as the train started to enter the eastern states of Germany. The farm looks dry and barren, neglected. The houses in residential areas also seem a bit shabby, rare, old buildings with gray. Gloomy.
Four Hours in Berlin, Fourteen Hours in Railways

Seven hour train ride down is not too bad if it is shared. We were chatting, joking, and occasionally comment on circumstances outside the train window. Even the Embak there at the age of 3.5 years was not too tired to linger on the train.

We knew we would not be able to linger in Berlin. It was impossible to stay. Just about four hours of the time we lived there. So not many tourist places can we visit a short time. In a train, we decided our mission that day: take a picture in front of the Brandenburger Tor. As a sign we had been in Berlin. Other attractions, not our priority.
Mood instantly changed drastically when the train entered the territory of the capital city of the German state. Settlements docked. Tall buildings scattered everywhere. The cars filled the streets. Many times we ride the train ran into another train. Pretty solid, but does not seem complicated.

Approximately two o'clock train arrived in Berlin.
Crowded right at the station Zoologischer Garten, Berlin. Either by tourists or local residents. Yet this is not the main station. Addition of more than three million people, Berlin is also the most important tourist destinations in Germany. Not to mention its position as a cultural city and administrative center. The diner foreign countries, such as Japan, China, India, etc look here and there. Berlin is an international.

Not long discussion, we started to block the bus into town. According to a friend, the bus is called a tourist bus because the track past the Berlin's main attractions, such as the Kurfürstendamm (Kudam), Potsdamer Platz, Reichstagsgebäude, Brandenburger Tor, etc..

Because the number of tourists in Berlin, whenever it comes, it immediately crowded bus. Each passenger must enter through the front door near the driver, indicate its ticket. We do not need to buy tickets again because our weekend tickets valid for public transport in Berlin.

At bus stops near Reichstagsgebäude (German Parliament Building), we are with another group of tourists off the bus. This majestic Parliament Buildings are more than a hundred years, and the official re-used by the Republic of Germany united after renovation in 1999. Visitors can climb to the top of the building or being in a giant glass dome in the roof.

In front of him lay the green grass surrounded by trees where lots of people sunbathing, lounging, relaxing, and cycling. Across the field, it appears that half a building made of glass. From there Bundeskanzler / in (Chancellor of Germany) rule. According to Ms Anky, the building was called the washing machine, because of its resemblance to the washing machine.

Satisfied photographed background Parliament House, we walked hand in hand to complete the mission today, towards Brandenburger Tor. Why is this building, while there are many other attractions characteristic of Berlin? Because in addition to his position not too far from the train station, this gate has a high historical value and the best trade mark Berlin. Important moments like watching together at the world cup, world-class concerts, even the Love Parade (parade of love, moments of action to show off the body) also takes place around this gate. In our opinion, the gate is the most representative and worthy of being a symbol of Berlin.

Brandenburger Tor is within a few minutes by foot. Some roads are repaired. Concrete field behind the gate, crowded with visitors. Much more crowded than Reichstagsgebäude visitors. Velotaxi, pedal vehicles like rickshaws milling. Ready to take tourists around. There are also horse-drawn carriage as the vehicle tours. We photographed many times background gates.

Until 1989, the Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the separation of the two Germans. But afterwards, instead become a symbol of German unity. The top was decorated with bronze quadriga, a chariot with four horses ridden by the Goddess of Peace as high as six meters. Six pairs of stone pillars built by Propylea, a gate at the Acropolis in Athens by Carl Gotthard Langhans in 1789 to 1791.

The area around the gate and loaded monumenal not only historical value, but also a beautiful area and looks clean. Luxury hotels, beautiful gardens plus gushing water, banks, cafes, also complement the beauty.

Finished filling stomachs, we returned back to Bremerhaven. It feels short. But never mind, everything is fun. We took a different route when I go home. Passing Magdeburg - Braunschweig - Hannover - Bremen. Passing over many new cities, new things, new travel friends. Replenish inner wealth.


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