Travelled Far and Exhausting Towards The Mediterranean

Travelled Far and exhausting towards the Mediterranean. Easter holiday week, we did not get cheap tickets to places that were targeted. With reckless capital, destinations rotated to southern France. In Cote D'Azur exact. Because tickets are also not cheap there, we tried to use a landline. Private vehicles rose more than a thousand miles to the south of Europe. Go home plus travel for at Cote D'Azur, about 3000 kilometers we traveled.

This is our first long trip up the vehicle itself. Usually, if the ticket price is still affordable, we choose public transport only. Dad can rest, the kids were not too tired. However, after considering many things, including to seek new experiences and test strengths, we try to challenge.


Not only long vacation by car, on this trip we camped as a family for the first time. A week long. So our little car packed with camping gear, food and our clothes.


When set for not too tired, we stayed overnight in Zurich. Especially this year Swiss vignette is still valid. Shortest route from home to Nice, where Kamai berencama camping, indeed through Switzerland. Then through the western part of Italy.


There are so many new experiences, unique, attractive, impressive we've experienced. Like the rest of our trip. Barely two days in the cramped car was exhausting. From Switzerland to Italy, we were driving in the longest tunnel in the Alps, St. Gotthard-Strassentunnel. Feel the change of weather from cold to hot when entering Italy. Flitting tasting driving on the highway Switzerland, Italy and France.


Come home, we do not pass Italy, but through rock mountain roads in France. It was captivating and moving. Alhamdulillah, although the course is not all fun adventures, experiences go there stay unforgettable.


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