Traveling Smart Heart Rounding Montabaur

Traveling Smart, Heart Rounding Montabaur. The weather was cold, and the Mother of the sick while visiting the city Montabaur, make not many family travelers to explore the contents of the city. On the second day of arrival, the father took the Krucil towards the city center. To buy lunch and see the atmosphere of the town center. According to him, although the city center is small, but crowded and quite beautiful. However, to get there they had to go down the hill, to back up the next hill, where the center is located.

The next day, before the home we choose to walk to the train station Montabaur through the heart. According to information from Wikipedia, in the city's history from 959 BC. Along beridirnya a castle, castellum Humbacense. When the bishop of Trier named Dietrich von Wied home from a shrine in the middle east in 1217, he rebuilt the ruined castle, and named the area around the Mons Tabor. Because of its resemblance to Mount Tabor in Israel. Name Mons Tabor later became Montabaur. but in some parts of the city many people still use the old name.
Traveling Smart, Heart Rounding Montabaur.

The old town was decorated by Montabaur new gothic style town hall, and the old houses of reinforced wood from abd 16 and 17. Some of the medieval walls are still a bit left. One of them referred to as Wolfsturm.

We are leaving the youth hostel Montabaur Sunday morning after breakfast. It was still cold. Temperatures around 0 ° C. Outside it was still quiet. Only one car passed as we walked towards the city center. We came down the hill where the youth hostel was standing, through the village, and then up the hill next to the city center. Tanjakannya steep. Although not too far away. His mother stopped several times to break.

At first we went perkampunya again. Here also is still quiet. A child passes while carrying a bag of breakfast bread. Starting to get into the city center, seen milling about cars. We do not know for sure the direction to the railway station. For train departure time is still an hour more, we want to capture the heart of the atmosphere first.

Tasty running at such a quiet atmosphere. Can shoot as much. Time can be saved. True as said Father, though the city is small but quite interesting. Some stores occupy the old buildings of reinforced wood. We stopped briefly at the town hall to record the shape in the camera. Fortunately, we soon find the way to the train station. So they can continue to enjoy some of the contents of the city, heading home.


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