Traveling Down The Giant Port City in Germany, Hamburg

Traveling Down the giant port city in Germany, Hamburg. As the semester ticket holders from one of the universities in the north of Germany, Father and Mother almost once a month to come to Hamburg. Utilizing the ticket while visiting the second largest metropolitan city in Germany after Berlin. Embak as yet six years old, of course, could participate with useless.

Previously when I hear Hamburg, Mother always envisioned a major port city. True, Hamburg is the largest port city in the country. So that dubbed itself as the World Gate City. However, Hamburg has a lot of the other side that can be seen and enjoyed other than container ships, warehouses and giant taps.
Traveling Down the giant port city in Germany, Hamburg,  you should try to visit and vacation there.

The main motive of our first arrival in the city is spending. Not in the sense of visiting shopping malls, passage, as well as luxury boutiques that are scattered in the heart of the city. Rather buy basic needs in Indonesia Toko behind the main station. Many spices and groceries from ground water sold here. The owner also has a kosher restaurant right next to it. Taste the food, of course fit our tastes. On the street toward the store rows of shops owned by Arabs / Turks. They are many halal meat. Many sale of meat, vegetables and fruit on Saturday.

Hamburg city center is located just a stone's throw from the main station. Staying across the street in front of the station, we arrived at the centers perbelajaan, passage-passage beautiful and unique, grand hotels, expensive boutiques. The main street was named Mönckebergstraße. This area is always crowded pedestrian pass. Victims would love exploring fashion clothing seller, footwear and accessories. From cheapest to most expensive.

Mönckebergstarsse end is the grandest building in Hamburg, Rathaus aka City Hall. Renaissance-style, this building is a trade mark other than the port of Hamburg. Nearby there are concatenated channels and small motor boats can be skipped. If we are headed Jungfernstieg Binnenalster lake, there will be tourist boats to get around some of the canals. Similar in Venezia. With a shorter and cheaper version. We never once tried to use this medium.

If you want to the harbor area, can use the U-Bahn (subway) to stop Landungsbrücke. From Hamburg port pins. Every year, when the anniversary of the port takes place, the area is crowded at all. Similar to the night market. From here there is also a tourist boat to get around the harbor.

Another one of the most famous here is the red area named named St. Pauli. Reeperbahn is also the most crowded main street there.


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