Traveling? Document Make Great Travel Abroad

Traveling? Document Make Great Travel Abroad. Had not been to their homeland, many things changed. One is the government's fiscal policy. Plus the affordability of air fares. Affect the pattern of Indonesian people traveling abroad. Many positive things family travelers encountered exodus to the homeland. The process of immigration fairly quickly when re-entering the country.

We took time to visit Malaysia through Pekanbaru airport. Since living abroad, we also enjoy free fiscal. Originally demonstrate stamp embassy or consul in the country live. Stamp contains this address usually is on the last page of the passport. Well first of all, to be free of fiscal, someone to fill special of immigration at the airport.
Traveling? Document Make Great Travel Abroad, what you agree with me?

When checked in, the clerk was asked, whether we have prepared a photocopy of your passport and tax ID? We previously knew nothing if you have to copy all of that, of course, said no. And, photocopy all the documents at the airport, the airport, the cost is shocked.

Documents must be prepared for those who live in Indonesia is a passport photocopy the front page, visa, if required, and a copy of TIN. If living abroad, prepare photocopies front page passport, visa, and residential address in the back of the passport page. Everything will be handed over to the immigration authorities. Then we will get a free stamp fiscal boarding pass.

Preparation photocopy these documents seem trivial. But if they are not as prepared as we used to be, could cause cardiac exercise. Moreover, if the time to check in, fill out all the forms and take care of very tight fiscal freely as we were yesterday.

However, when going back to Germany via Soekarno - Hatta, we never asked for photocopies of documents. We just need to present the original documents at the immigration office and fill out the departure airport, then asked to head straight talker officer.

So, in our opinion, solicited or not, you should copy all travel documents prepared. Better willing umbrella before it rains, do not you?


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