Traveling and Vacationing Into Small Town "Duren" German

Traveling and Vacationing Into a Small Town "Duren" German. After Nuernberg and Bremerhaven, both families came next life stops, a small town called Duren. Located between the two famous cities of Aachen and Cologne (Cologne), the town where we lived. I do not know for how long it will be.

In German, written as Duren Duren. We call him a disposable Duren U umlaut. And did not the name of the famous fruit smell it. We never even met the fruit here. We also often use the term Villa Duria, Duren name while still under the rule of the ancient Roman Empire.

Unlike the previous residence, Bremerhaven, yet many parts of the city we know. We just had a walk seputaran downtown, visiting the shopping arcade. Others only major roads that we passed when cycling family. Here, the mother and father do not have a ticket semester student again. Monthly public transport ticket prices usually very expensive. Dad used to drive to work.

At the end we were able to use the ticket minggulah subscription family. Hence, in addition to a shopping weekend for us is a time travel to the towns and villages around Duren. Duren, a small town about 90 thousand inhabitants, according to His mother had no clear character. Bremerhaven is a relative new city. Built around the 19th century. Duren was once the ancient city with the old town in it. But when the second world war lasted, the city is included severe damage. Afterwards, rather than accept an offer to rebuild the old city, Duren even rebuild a city with almost everything new in the fifty's. Leaving little residual wall pertangahannya century.

Now, at the beginning of 22 century, Duren no longer be called a modern city or old city. New but old-fashioned. So Mother did not call it a special character.

Duren not a tourist destination. Surrounding areas is much more famous. Aachen, for example, had great fame for the university, which includes elite in Germany. Cologne, just a half train ride jan fire from Duren, is a metropolitan city. He has a Dome, the third largest cathedral in the world who crowded once visited travelers. Not far from Duren, extending the Eifel mountains as the preferred resort, hiking, camping, and other active travel because of the beauty of the panorama.

Ease in Duren, he is not far from the border with Belgium and the Netherlands. Euregio cheap tickets valid from here to the nearest three cities perbatan, such as Aachen, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Liege in Belgium. If you want to Brussels or Paris did not take long drive from here.

Family travelers have visited several small towns around, the Julich, Heimbach and Nideggen. Although small, pretty impressive. And, over time we have stayed more at home here. Thankfully. InsyaAllah new adventures would begin from here.


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