Traveling And Spending The Vacation Capital of Belgium

Traveling And Spending The Vacation Capital of Belgium.
 Was not far from where we live in western Germany, Brussels did not immediately our visit. And because of its location, the Belgian capital could be taken less than two hours by fast train. There are many options to be able to train in the city. The train ride economy continued to connect from Duren - Aachen - Luttich - Brussels. Fast German ICE train ride or take a fast train France, Thalys.

Quick and relatively inexpensive option for us is to take the train fast German ICE. With prices almost 60 euro foursome. Go home.
His mother was in no fit condition when leaving. But canceled the trip at the last minute did not have in mind.
Traveling And Spending The Vacation Capital of Belgium, I enjoy n Like it.

We accidentally left a half hour early to Aachen. make the heart more calm and not rush as well as the ICE train to Brussels in the city of Aachen.

Thankfully we perjalalanan morning was uneventful. Eleven o'clock in the morning, we arrived in the Belgian capital. Precisely at Brussels Midi station. An officer welcomed through loudspeakers in three languages: French, Dutch, German.

The day was not too bright. Lagit barawan thick. The wind blows quite fast in the middle of summer. Embak wanted to get to the hotel. But we can only go at one o'clock cepet. we asked for a map of the city at the information kiosk at the station type.

Examining the map for a moment, His mother suggested that we go to the Atomium first. For this most remote place than the places we wanted to visit while in Brussels.

We immediately walked to the metro station (underground tram). There is also no place in the city transport ticket sales. Two officials told the most appropriate ticket for our family. We decided to buy a daily ticket for a group of up to five people. Ten euro price. Daily tickets are not applicable here 24 hours, but up to midnight of the same day. According to the official information, if you want to Atomium, we had to take the metro to the number 6 Heizel. When attention map of transportation in the city, His mother was informed, that in addition to that, we can take metro number 2 towards Simonis, then spliced ​​number six metro or city bus. Because metro No. 2 came first, we went up.

We note, stop transport stops in the city of Brussels is written in two languages: French and Dutch. At stop Simonis, we moved the metro. Number 6 metro stops one floor above. In less than five minutes, we were in the metro to Atomium. Metro in Brussels like in Paris. The door does not open automatically. So if the mark had already rung the door will close, do not be near the door.

In Heizel, besides there Atomium, there are Brupark. There is a famous park named Europapark. A miniature Europe. We walked to the Atomium. Passing two spacious parking lot.

Atomium itself is a construction that was built in order to Expo'58, an international exhibition of the first after the second world war. The idea Waterkeyn architect Andre is a symbol in the era of atomic energy and the safe use of this energy. Its construction was headed by two architects: Andre and Michel Polak.

Construction atom is shaped enlargement of the crystal structure of iron as much as 165 billion times. 102 meters high, consists of nine spheres with respective diameters of 18 meters. Each sphere is connected by pipeline giant 3.3 meter diameter with a ladder in it. The lift can carry visitors to the top of the atomic sphere.

Around the Atomium, the atmosphere is really crowded. Tourists take pictures nationalities or just sit in the front seat. Others in and out of the area of ​​the Atomium. The front was the building serves as a gift shop.
We do not enter. Time did not permit. Just record the surrounding atmosphere. Soon, we were walking to the complex or Brussels Expo exhibition hall, before the tram ride to the inn. Precisely toward Anderlecht. Van Belle Hotel name. Anderlecht seem to heavily populated areas of Muslim population. Plenty of places to eat halal.

Not too long a short break at the lodge, the streets continues. Stomach is stuffed like a heavy meal. We wanted to Asian halal food stalls. But have not found the exact location on the map. We're chock stomach with snacks, then walked toward the center of Brussels crowd, hoping to find one Asian restaurant kosher.

From the lodge there is a bus stop close to the number 46 in the direction of De Brouckere downtown. We noticed, not far from De Brouckere there are many oriental stores. We trace the area. Restauran we mean not met too. To block the stomach again, Mother stopped at the oriental store, buy snacks again. And met an Indonesian citizen mother. Mom shows one way in which there is Thailand-Vietnam kosher restaurant on the Avenue de Stalingrad.


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