Traveled to Zurich, One World's Most Expensive Cities

Traveled to Zurich, One World's Most Expensive Cities. Zurich, a city on the shores of Lake Zurich, including the city with the best quality of life in the world. No wonder, since Zurich is one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the world. Compared to Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Bruessel, the largest city in Switzerland has a population of about 365 thousand inhabitants is not too big, but he has a unique a la mediteran. Max Frisch (1911-1991), a famous architect born in Zurich called kleintropolis or small metropolis.
In foreign city is very famous for large banks. As a tourist city Zurich has much to offer. Historic buildings, museums, churches unique architecture, places nan exclusive shopping, city parks and water areas are tastefully furnished. No less than twenty-five million tourists each year visit Zurich daily.
City in the heart of Europe is very easily accessible from surrounding countries either by plane, bus, car and train. We chose to go there by train the night Swiss named City Night Line. This night train carrying passengers from major cities in Europe, such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna to Zurich. Passengers can choose to buy a ticket or a seat in the cabin contains a bed various classes. The seats are in a special car with a seat that can be adjusted to a reclining position. Quite comfortable and pleasant to be in it. Just then they were given a discount. With 29 euros per person each way, we get to Switzerland. Night trips also can make us rest during the trip.
Towards the entry Swiss border police passport and visa control the passengers. At that time, the Swiss referendum yet is not it part of the country for entry into Schengen. The police officer made sure we all had a complete document and ask the purpose of the visit to Switzerland to some passengers. Police lady who checked our documents only saw briefly without saying anything.
Zurich is the city of all seasons, according to a guidebook. That is, the city is fun visit anytime. When the air temperature warms in the spring, the cafes on the edge of the road will begin to hold a seat outside. Inviting guests enjoy the fresh spring air. In summer, the small alleys Zurich will be met local and foreign travelers. Lake would be a giant bath, with surrounding sundeck. Open-air concerts, street parades, fairs and sporting events at the center of the city.
Autumn is a cultural session. Splashy theatrical performances and fashion parades brighten autumn fill the city. In winter, the mountains around will visited winter sports lovers.
We rode the night train arrived in Zurich around 9 am. The fresh spring air greeted the three of us. Although slightly overcast, the weather was quite warm and comfortable to walk around. After taking the breakfast and coffee, we were ready to explore Zurich.
The first thing we did was to swap currencies and seek information on hauptbahnhof tourist information center or train station. Zurich is located in the Swiss German language as an official language. So we are not too difficult to read the instructions and communicate with the people there. Male officer at the tourist information center we encountered apparently fluent German, English and French. He kindly explained about some of the attractions in Zurich, gave us a map of the city, and let us take your brochures at the front of the rack. Funny thing is, I found myself mixing English and German I spoke to him.
Driving around Zurich by public transportation is the most widely used rating. Public transport network in and around Zurich has a very good system. The tickets can be purchased at vending machines located at almost every stop and some counters in the city. In addition to comfortable and safe public transport such as bus and tram comes every few minutes. The passengers will not have to worry about a long wait. In April to September boat also serves as a public transport. Watercraft is very useful because in addition to lakes, two rivers Limmat and Sihl which divides the city of Zurich. And if you want to go sightseeing and visit art galleries, buy a Zurich card is very beneficial. With the card is valid daily or three days, someone will be able to use public transport as well as entry to over 40 museums in Zurich for free. They cost between 15 to 30 Swiss francs.
We decided to take a walk in the heart of which is the old town of Zurich altstadt or first. Altstadt Zurich is divided into two parts, with the River Limmat as denominator.
To the left of the Limmat between hauptbahnhof (central station) and the lake is the central business district with many banks, leading law firms, shopping malls, exclusive shops, and restaurants. This section is very busy during the day. The right side of the Limmat, known as Ober-and Niederdorf, a residential area complete with a movie theater, small shops, and cafes are crowded in the afternoon and evening.
The farther down the Bahnhofstrasse the more visible the famous clothing stores like H & M, shopping centers, hotels, and shop accessories, watches, shoes, chocolate and jewelry. His mother held my breath every time I see the price on display in a shop window. Obviously inaccessible pockets of families with students like us. In addition to the store, we also see some buildings with interesting architecture like the Lindenhof, and the church St. Peter near Bahnhostrasse. Older buildings in harmony with the European combined modern glass building.
Zurich residents call Ober-and Niederdorf as doerfli. The area is located higher up than altstadt right Limmat. Composed of narrow alleys, small shops and cafes hidden presents unique sights and experiences while exploring it. Here, people can shop at lower prices than other areas of the old town. Similar alley bumper, commented a friend who had also to doerfli. This place reminds me of the St. Michel in Paris. Equally is the center of the food, but the alleys doerfli narrower. The diner various nations were scattered. We hear people speaking in many languages, signifying that doerfli is one of the favorite places for tourists.
Same with the pedestrian area in the Bahnhofstrasse and the surrounding areas, here provided a lot of street benches. In some places available drinking fountain. So, do not be afraid of thirst when the streets of the city. Many people sitting and talking. In one corner of the bench, seen someone who was sleeping while enjoying the warm sun. It was late in the lunch hour. No wonder eating stalls began bustling with visitors.
Settle for a walk around the old town of Zurich, we decided to drive around the city by public transport. City map we got from the tourist information center was very helpful. Moreover, Zurich residents we encountered are always giving us the information needed to gracious. When it was about noon. The weather changes frequently. Sometimes sunny, sometimes windy. But still enjoyable enough while walking.
We walked to Bellevue, the area on the edge of the lake a haven of public transportation such as trams and buses. The area is very crowded. Almost all buses and trams in Zurich through it. Some typical European cafe with chairs lined up on the outside looking across. In Bellevue there are also counter ticket purchase, so that we could dig up more information about the attractions you want to visit. Daily ticket prices within the city zone for an adult is 7.60 francs. These tickets can be used for twenty-four hours on all public transport in Zurich, ie, bus, tram, Bergbahn, Polybahn and Seilbahn (three is a special car that carries passengers up the hill), and the boat (only during the months of April to September).
Luckily, Zurich was destroyed during World War II, like other major cities in Europe. The city is not really changed since the Middle Ages. Even during the world wars, Zurich benefited from being an escape artist, movie stars and intellectuals.
We feel, Zurich is a very comfortable and pleasant place to visit. Vehicles generally comfortable and safe, friendly citizens, free drinking water available in many places for those who thirst, public toilets are clean and free of any easily found. Really comfortable city for everyone. Also expensive. We settle for a walk and capture everything in camera, without buying anything except daily tickets we were.


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