Traveled to Trilogy Impressive, Bratislava-Vienna and Budapest

Traveled to Trilogy Impressive, Bratislava-Vienna and Budapest. There are several candidates places like family vacation travelers visit during the summer of 2007. To the Scandinavian or Central Europe. If the Skandianavia, maybe we were just going to visit 1-2 cities in the country. Because spending there would be quite expensive. If the Central Europe we might be able to visit at least 2-3 cities in two different countries with a budget that is not much different. Choice fell into Central Europe. Namely to Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava in Slovakia.

Budapest is actually the main town we wanted to visit. However, if only there in 2007 (countries such as Hungary and Slovakia have not been formally implemented the Schengen agreement), we need to arrange a visa. It takes time and extra costs. As a solution, we just transit to Budapest. That is, in and out Hungary from two different countries. That coming from Austria, and out through Slovakia. Indonesia not need a visa to enter Slovakia if less than 30 days.
Traveled to Trilogy Impressive, Bratislava-Vienna and Budapest.

The river Danube or the Danube, the second longest in Europe, famous for passing several major European cities. Tipped in Schwarzwald, Germany, 2888 kilometer long river flows into southeastern Europe. Boils down to the Black Sea. The flow through the Alps, Pannonis Lowlands, Lowlands also Romanian. The water is the source of life for most of Central and Southern Europe regions. Aside from being a source of livelihood, the river was also developed as a tourism area.

Incidentally the three capital cities we visited, namely Vienna in Austria, Budapest in Hungary, and Bratislava in Slovakia bypassed by the flow of the Danube River. Currently, the emerging luxury boat cruise down the river.

Our trip did by train from Bremen to Vienna. Also to other cities. From Bremerhaven towards Vienna, at least three times we had to change trains. Economic train ride from Bremerhaven towards Hannover. With superfast German ICE train to Munich, and spliced ​​the night train towards Vienna.

Day in Vienna, we continue journey towards Budapest. The three nights we were in Hungary's capital. Before proceeding back by train to Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.

Many things both natural family for a week trip. From experience the longest train ride fastest German InterCity Express (ICE), because during the course of dehydration temperatures not far from 40 degrees Celsius, it's good when we get some stamps and out of Hungary and Slovakia in the passport, to the happiness of watching a lot of things new, meet new people. Traveled up is never boring, well .... :)


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