Traveled to Italy, Spain n Germany? Already General, let Goes to Malta

Traveled to Italy, Spain n Germany? Already General, let Goes to Malta. Malta story about our split-split into multiple parts. As the story shine. To make it easier to digest, imagine and enjoy. .... :)

It was our thought, as small island Malta has lots of tourism potential. We think the 4 days we'll be able to explore everything. Apparently not. Only a small fraction of all the attractions we could visit Malta. His mother initially imagined Malta just for the city of Bremen. In fact more than that. Longest distance of about 50 kilometers. Rather long. Moreover, it turns Malta separated into small towns that all have their own uniqueness.
Traveled to Italy, Spain n Germany? Already General, let Goes to Malta, You like?

Our adventure started in the island nation when the first bus ride from the airport in Luqa towards Valetta. Slightly more we got to know. The houses in Malta made of bricks bright colors: white, yellow, pastel. Hilly with lots of small towns here and there. Land largely non-residential agricultural area used. Some form of terraces, with a large arrangement of small rocks as a boundary. They grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. Cactus growing in almost every corner of Malta.

Diana on our second day, we finished breakfast the morning exploring. Direct bus ride into the city of Valetta. From there the bus number 138 or 38 to the south of Malta departs every half hour. Rather long we waited at the bus right in front of the nation's capital this mini. The trip to the Blue Grotto through many hills and residential population. Bus ride even over small roads in the township, in the direction of the path that can only be passed by a car.

Blue Grotto is nearly three-quarters of an hour of Valetta. Satisfied we enjoyed the scenery during the trip. Once a ticket inspector checked the passenger bus.

We and several other tourists down at the Blue Grotto after the driver indicates the direction the way. Initially we only know that the Blue Grotto is a rock on the beach. Apparently scenery here is really beautiful. Blue sea with almost no waves hitting the high cliffs. One man showed the best places to take pictures. That day there was no boat around the beautiful coral reefs there. We noticed some caves are among the high rocks. Tours by boat through the caves usually earlier, said the father. Wow, definitely a fun adventure if we had time for a boat ride tour of the sea near the reef.

Satisfied take pictures ria, we continued on to our next destination, Qiem Hagar, a temple complex on the south coast of Malta. Distance from Blue Grotto, according to the map is about one kilo. We passed the sidewalks with sea views in one sis, as well as agricultural land on the slopes of the hills on the other. The sidewalks are nice and clean. Stiap few hundred meters there are benches to enjoy the view of the ocean. Some people sit there.

This was a mile away for us. The air was hot and the roads up and down. Accustomed to the cold air of Europe, exposed to the sun makes the body tired easily. Moreover, the location of the temple of Hagar Qiem was still turned to the left and uphill again. An old man greeted us at the front of the complex. Asking our home and give candy to the kids. He said've met tourists from more than a hundred different countries. Not to forget he gave information brochures about tourist places attractions in Malta.

Hagar temple complex Qiem given a high fence and a giant cloth hood closed. Shaped like a leaf that would never be seen again from the air. The cover is intended to prevent damage the temple complex. We enjoyed and photographed this Unesco cultural heritage from outside the fence. There was no time to enjoy it up close.

hundreds of meters from the Hagar Qim temple there is a longer, Mnjara name. It is very close to the sea. Because the terrain is up and down, we just saw from a distance only.


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