Traveled To The Heart of Slovakia Bratislava

Traveled To The Heart of Slovakia Bratislava. Of Budapest, the trip continues to Bratislava. His mother was only known name of the city after being in Europe. Turns out he is a broken state capital of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia. Unlike Prague is renowned as Europe's premier tourist destinations, the name Bratislava seemed to sink. This city is seen not as grand and beautiful as Prague. Since Hungary has not entered the Schengen area at the time, then we have to come to Slovakia did not need a visa in order to visit. Fair, to add to a collection of passport stamps and increase the length of the city and country we have ever visited.

The advantage, Bratislava is very practical to visit. Walking all day alone, was able to go almost all the main sights. The layout is very close and they are in town. Everything can be reached by foot. Traveled To The Heart of Slovakia Bratislava Exciting and fun.

We took the train from Budapest economics previous afternoon. Overnight rest at the dorm concurrently make our body fresh again. Nine in the morning so we got to the front desk Ma'am, wondering about transportation to the fort. Soon, we are also in an old tram. The cost is very low compared to similar transport in Germany. Stop where we got situated very close to the Danube River. So we stopped for a moment noticed the bridge, passing ships and modern residential area on the other side.

Bratislava fort situated on a hill. We climbed the steps of the iron before it reached the foot of the hill. The houses, cafes, apartments are pretty tight from the foot of the hill. Climbing to the top of the hill, was pretty exhausting. Moreover, the air temperature is still not far from the figure of 40 degrees Celsius. Although the fort looks simple, but it seems a lot of tourists also come here to just look. Occasionally we take pictures while struggling. Towards the top of the hill, the fort complex, overlooking the stunning too. We toured briefly to some of the old buildings have been converted into a museum of history. Not to forget, we stopped to buy souvenirs and take a rest in the garden of the castle were clean, shady and decorated with several statues of stone and iron.

Down, we immediately headed downtown nan empty. that day is not the end of the week. But for the size of the capital, the atmosphere was very quiet there. Some people choose to hang out at a cafe or restaurant. Not much was seen walking in the city center. Delicious also for travelers like us. Relax. No need to rush and jostling everywhere.

At the heart of the city, we went to almost every object that is in the guidebook. Among other national theater, unique showers, figurines funny, universities have been established since the 15th century, Michael's Gate, Cathedral of the Holy Martin, and Presidential Palace Grassalkovich. Diselilingi istarahat on benches town and ate at a kebab shop. Building models of European standards. Nothing too unique.

That Bratislava, the capital of a small, simple and very practical to visit. Traveled To The Heart of Slovakia Bratislava Exciting and fun, So powerfull. :-)


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