Traveled to the East Coast Germany, Lübeck

Traveled to the East Coast Germany, Lübeck. A young family travelers visiting family in Bremerhaven. Just as the 2006 World Cup in Germany took place. Of course they want to enjoy the atmosphere of the event title at the prestigious football world. Position where we lived when it was close to the city of Hamburg and Hannover, two games host cities.

We choose to come to Hamburg just that day. The city is larger and has more attractions. In addition, for a daily ticket is not redundant, we invite guests to visit Lübeck, a city on the East Coast of Germany. We have not been there before.
Traveled to the East Coast Germany, Lübeck, I like it.

Daily tickets valid for a full day economic train. We left early from Bremerhaven. Nearly three and a half hours duration. Mnejelang noon we got there. At the station is being renovated. office only a non-permanent container. Today was hot and windy. We briefly visit the tourist information office is not far from the station. To get a map of the city.
Traveled to the East Coast Germany, Lübeck,You should try it for a trip to Lübeck.

The layout of the city center is not too far away. We chose to walk over to enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Unfortunately the day was full of atmosphere Lübeck by tens of millions of tiny insects. Many disturbing sights and flying into our eyes.

Lübeck was once the residence of the merchants and nobles. Because of its strategic location on the east coast. He was living from the tourism trade, and industry big ship.

We crossed a bridge and reached the city emblem, Holstentor Gate. Unfortunately he was direnovas. Beautiful Gate was built in the fifteenth century was completely invisible. Covered with large, ad a largest bank in the country.

Passing through the gate, we arrived at the city center. The word Ima, our traveling companions, form the old houses on the banks of the river like in Ghent, Belgium. It's beautiful. Down the narrow alleyways running the rock in the old city, there was a sense of melancholia us. Old houses of brick, the exterior looks old, took us to the past. The people here take care of their old city very well. There is a museum stuffed like we attended. But not accomplished. Our time is very narrow in this city. The roads continued towards one of the oldest European church, Heiligen-Geist-Hospital still looks magnificent centuries old age. And still function until the sixties.

From the old hospital, we stepped foot into a shopping center in the old town. Where the beautiful city hall stood Lübeck. Starting founded in 1230 AD, this old building has undergone a lot of renovation and expansion. The majority are made of red brick, the building has many towers on the roof. Each tower has a mini flag. So just like a fairy tale palace. Crowded town center pedestrian area and the narrow range made it difficult to photograph portraits entire building. Through the gate-shaped corridor, visitors can enter the courtyard of the town hall. Unfortunately, some also are under construction.

Near the town hall there is another large building, the church St. Marien. Architecture here reminds us of the church buildings in Hamburg and Bremen. Is this characteristic architecture in northern Germany? Or the Hansa cities? I do not know.
Had to go through some of the residential area in the city, our time in the city was complete. Time to ride the city bus back to the station. Visiting the metropolis Hamburg.


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