Traveled to Cologne, Remembering Past history of Cologne

Traveled to Cologne, Remembering Past history of Cologne. 
Cologne or Köln is located just 30 menitan fire train ride from where we live now, Düren. Although relatively close, while staying in Düren, we've never explored Cologne again. In fact, when I was living in Bremerhaven once we have all around one of the metropolitan cities in Germany.

History of Cologne lasted more than two thousand years. Its name is derived from the Roman settlement Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium. Dome (megachurches) are famed for being built in 1248 AD, who, after numerous renovations and development reached its size now. In addition to functioning as a city of art and culture, Cologne also later developed into a center of information and communication. Two hundred large printing, sixties publishers, television stations such as the headquarters of Deutsche Welle, RTL, Deutschlandfunk, WDR, and VIVA VOX and seventies central newspapers and magazines. Not to forget, perfume fragrance called Eau de Cologne remained in existence since the year 1709 until now. Traveled to Cologne, Remembering Past history of Cologne, travel to experience the unique German.

When the circumference of the city, there are many areas we passed through. Just take pictures around the Dome, the town hall, old town and beautiful bridges connecting both sides of the Rhine. Also visit the museum themed era Nationalsozialismus named NS-Dokumentationszentrum. And besides that, there are still some pretty sights in Cologne.
Traveled to Cologne, Remembering Past history of Cologne, travel to experience the unique German.

As a symbol of outstanding of Cologne, not far from the banks of the Rhine stands Dome (St. Peter and Marien), High Gothic masterpiece and is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. Its location is very strategic. Right next to the main station Cologne.

No wonder when the church became the center of a giant magnet for tourists. In summer, the area around the Dome bustle. Thousands of foreign travelers like to hang out here. Musicians and street artists, beggars and pickpockets add lively atmosphere alone. Be alert and careful better. Especially if there were demonstrations, exhibitions, carnivals or football. Wuah. I could have packed. Liquor bottles will blend in with the other garbage. Plus the smell of the urine vain. But this is not all the time. Only at certain times only.

If you follow the road to the left of the back of the Dome, then we will arrive at the town hall is gorgeous. This building was built in the middle ages, that between 1135 and 1152 BC. Inside are more than a hundred sculptures. With beautiful gothic tower rectangular, the building is very worthy of the background of the photo.

Shopping and a bite to eat is also not far from the Dome. There is a Hard Rock Cafe is also. Fans can choose from the many museums that are available. As Ludwig Museum (art of the 20th century), Wallraf-Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud (paintings, sculptures and graphics from medieval to impressionismus). Romisch-Germanisches Museum (archaeological exhibits of the past until the Middle Ages), Chocolate Museum, and much more.

Visitors who came in February, can enjoy a carnival atmosphere in the town. Here is held one of the biggest carnivals in Germany. Were able to draw up to a million viewers each year. At other times opera or spectacular performances are often held here. Anyway, there are many reasons to visit Cologne.


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