Traveled To The City of Golden Prague, Czech

Traveled to the City of Golden Prague, Czech. If  Egypt got the nickname as the land of a thousand towers, Prague is a city of hundreds of towers. Also known as the city of gold.
Family Trip to Prague traveler solicitation initiated by fellow students at Dresden to go there together when we asked about whether or not we are Indonesian citizens with Schengen visa visa before visiting the Czech Republic. Taschan, friends we are providing consular website link Czechs in Dresden, to make things clearer. When we get there, the Czech Republic has not been a member of the Schengen countries.
The beauty of Prague has been a long time we've heard before. Every friend who never been there certainly recommend Prague to us. That's why we included in the list of cities we wanted to visit. But earlier, in order to get there, we must take care of a tourist visa in Berlin. In addition to the remote maintenance, the cost of the trip so swollen. That's why we did not waste the opportunity when the government made the Czech Republic the new rules that we can enter without a visa if the length of stay of no more than 5 days.
Together with friends from Dresden, we formed a large group of 4 families, the remaining single student. It was Saturday morning. Fourteen adults and 4 children. We met each other in the center of Dresden station that morning.
The mother was aged 62 years old from Plzen, in the southwest of Prague. We call it Old Mother. It was still working and living in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany. Old Mother told me, as a teenager, lived in his house a student from Indonesia. Her face is very exotic, he said.
Not just talking, we also enjoy the view through the train window. Line Dresden - Decin (Czech Republic) through the Erzgebirge, the mountains on the border of Germany - Czech. For some time we were treated to views of the river in the form of a slope-lerang natural stone carved dark results. Also valleys and hills is amazing.
Toward the city come in Decin, two officers checked our passports. Without asking questions, their passports stamped at each, except for Mother's old. I'm excited about the new stamp in the passport. For no affixing stamps as we entered the Schengen countries such as Austria, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg we've ever entered.
Station Prague - Holesovice is stopping us. Memorable old, dull and poorly maintained. There is no elevator or escalator to facilitate the passengers.
We went down to the lobby. Taschan husband, a father Adila and other public vehicles to find tickets for all of us. It costs approximately 2.75 euros and is valid 24 hours for all public transport in the city. Bus, tram and metro (underground tram).
Approximately 20 minutes we were waiting at a tram stop. Tramnya an old model. High with a little seat in it. Rather difficult if carrying the child stroller.
Not many passengers at the time, so we can sit down after stamp on a machine near one of the entrances. His mother looked out the window tram relentless. Tram crossing the bridge over the River Vltava Moldau alias. In the distance we see one symbol of the beauty of Prague, Prager Burg (Prague Castle). Prague old buildings standing everywhere. Ah, Mother fell in love with her at first sight. Really no losers coming here.
History of Prague, also known as the city of gold, has been going on since the 11th century. Old buildings, which are virtually untouched when the second world war, has particularly wide patterns of different age. Starting roman, gothic, renaissance, and baroque. Formerly, Prague consists of small towns are now becoming an integral unity and complementarity.
At three in the afternoon, we had quite a belly filled. Agency to start fresh again. And the list of today's visit was in the hands. All should be well prepared for the event walks more smoothly. Just the four of us decided to go around the city together. Others choose the route travels alone.
At the stop in Ujezd, touristy town atmosphere increasingly felt. Since 2000, the number of tourist visits to Prague jumped two-fold, reaching nearly 7 million tourists in 2006. Various major world languages ​​are often heard in this city. And the foreign faces wandering everywhere.
The weather was sunny and rather hot afternoon. Tram ride we packed passengers. Fortunately we were soon riding in it. Our first aim, Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) near Namesti Malostranske stop.
In addition to many visitors, this is a bad area. Car, bike and tram seemed to scramble to move smoothly. Cafes and souvenir shops filled with human sellers. There are also many money changers in this area. We have exchanged our money in Germany. Safer to avoid fraud, a relative such messages.
Prague castle complex, the largest in Europe, is located on a hill in the area called Hradchin. The road there in the form of a hill. The surrounding is beautiful, but it made us struggling. Initially we passed the sidewalk in front of the small cafes in the ancestral house. Low roof, maybe two feet less. Doors and windows like a gate to the top of the semicircle. Narrow pavement becomes narrower as the cafe owner held their seats there.
Climb the hill above the rocky road complete with a child stroller is a formidable challenge. Many times we stopped flexing the foot. Not long, because there was nowhere to sit to the public there. We finally got a break long enough on the steps beneath the palace. Diriingi the music of a musician.
Prague Castle, one visitor magnet. Everywhere looks tourists were photographing. There were targeting her with palace background, some are taking the building detail. A bunch of young Korean tourists spotted a funny pose, with hands forming the letter V. Two burly guards stand up at the palace gates. Their blue uniforms. The object photos for tourists.
Immediately after the attraction was completed, the four of us walked straight to the next tourist, but when we saw briefly detained an Indonesian cuisine restaurant, Sate. We stopped to drink tea lemon flavor and ordered fried rice to take home. Soon the body feels fresh and ready to run for several hours.
With a tram, we moved to the city. Lots of old buildings we were passing glance. In Narodni Divadlo, national theater, we stopped. Photographing briefly Karluv Most at dusk. When the lights begin to shine.
Masarykovo Nabrezi down, we had a night on the banks of the Moldau Myslikove before turning into the new downtown destination (Stare Mesto). We got confused near the new city hall when searching for the way to Vaclavske Namesti that a young man informed us there tram carrier. We passed the main shopping area in the heart of the city. At that time have shown eight more. But the city still looks very crowded.
Vaclavske Namesti were the highlights of Prague. An open space, complete with a boulevard, gardens, unique architecture, expensive shops, and restaurants all around. Night lights around the museum and statue of Wenceslas make it look more spectacular. The area is also bustling. Mingle with the drunks and homeless people who meet the public benches here.
At half-past ten at night, in Karluv Most still seen hundreds of people back and forth. The cold night wind can not evict the travelers moved from the beautiful bridge. They shoot, photographed, sitting around chatting, and walking in pairs. We stopped at a souvenir shop near the gate of the bridge. All the souvenirs in this city feels expensive for us. After long considering, I finally just bought a mini display glass display Karluv most.
Karluv most, the bridge busiest I've ever seen is a romantic place. Dim. Most visitors pairs. Street musicians add a melancholy atmosphere of the night. Flashing-lights were flashing in the distance. Rows of dozens of statues in both the bridge wall. Parallel to dozens of beggars who sat cross-legged across the bridge. Really contrast scene.
The day was really tiring. Eight hours we explored the old town, almost without a long break. Walking, up hill, up and down the tram. Everything we lakoni day.


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