Traveled to the City of Aachen, Visiting Every Inch of Religious Holidays

Traveled to the city of Aachen, Visiting every inch of Religious Holidays. Besides Cologne, Aachen is the nearest major city to the town where we live now Duren. Located about 30 kilometers, Aachen can we go less than half an hour if the buggy fire.

We are to this city quite often. At least once a month. Sometimes even twice. The main purpose was shopping in the store a more complete Asia. Tempeh, tofu, vegetables, noodles, instant seasoning, and much more. In fact, a walk around the old town of Aachen less often we do.
Traveled to the city of Aachen, Visiting every inch of Religious Holidays

Aachen is famous student town. One of the universities here, the Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH Aachen) is one of the elite universities in Germany. Where Mr. Habibie became one of its alumni. Until now hundreds of students from Indonesia studying here.

Aachen City is not too broad. With a population of approximately 250 thousand inhabitants, the center of town looks very solid. The road up and down. Need physically fit to walk around in this city. If you want to ride a city bus in the city alone, can take a city bus fare skewed.

The points located adjacent Aachen travel and still be within walking distance. If you get there, this is the city's main attractions:

Dom AachenBuilt on the orders of one of the famous emperor, Karl the Great, Dom is the main symbol of the city of Aachen. Octagonal dome and was completed about the year 800 AD. This building, along Domschatz be second in the world cultural heritage established by UNESCO.

Historic City HallAachen city hall now face actually comes from the gradual development of centuries old. Granusturm tower comes from the days of Karl the Great (8th century BC). In the 14th century the citizens Aachen building gothic town hall in the same place. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, the building was renovated into a baroque-style palace.

GrashausIn Fischmarkt stand Grashaus, where facade is from the city's oldest city hall, from the year 1267 BC. Once the new city hall was built in 1349 AD, Grashaus serves as a court. Later became a prison. In 1886, the building was constructed to its present form and switch functions as the office of the city archives.

Haus LöwensteinMarkt building in the area was built along with the city hall, and expected to be completed in 1345. Besides Dom and city hall, this gothic-style building is one of the last of the city fire in 1656. Today this ancient building into archives and documentation centers carnival.

BüchelpalaisMagnificent palaces in the Jalan Büchel number 10. Estimated completion in 1338.

ElisenbrunnenElisenbrunnen building consists of open space at the front of the pillared and each one pavilion with room on the left side. Of the two springs, flowing warm water to high levels of sulfur 52 ° C. Before devastated by war, rungg underground hot water is collected for drinking. Because considered efficacious cure some illnesses.

Time-Time Gate and Wall of the Middle AgesOf the two ring walls and many medieval towers, some of which survive to this day. Of the 11 gates, 2 still can be seen the rest. Ponttor at the end Pontstrasse built in the late 13th century BC. IN the end Franzstrasse Marschiertor still standing, from the year 1257 BC. The rest of the other medieval buildings are in Ludwigsallee Marienburg, Lange Turm in Turmsstrasse, Lavenstein in Boxgraben, Pfaffentürmchen near the western park, as well as some Adabertstor in Kaiserplatz

In the area Burtscheid, there are three important buildings adjacent. Church of St. Johann-Baptist and St. Michel, as well as in the garden pavilion Couven Burtscheid.

In the city center, in addition to the above ancient buildings, visitors also offered a lot of monuments and gushing water. In front of the town hall there was water spurting city's oldest named Karlsbrunnen. And in Kramerstrasse a monument made of bronze gushing water themed children Bonifatius Stirnberg made famous sculptor in 1975.

Aachen was not far to the border of two other Western European countries, namely the Netherlands and Belgium. In Dreiländereck, no monuments border, right on the border of the third point is located.


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