Travel to The Island of Zeus, Crete-Greece

Travel to the island of Zeus, Crete-Greece. Bali, an area where we stay during a holiday in Crete. Bali is a small village may be said that not many people. Here are 5 beach and a small harbor. From Apartment hotel "Sofia and Mythos" where we stay, we got a nice view. Straight from the balcony we could see the harbor and the beach. According to our apartment in Greece may be said not so complete as other Apartement where we like rent. Although almost every day in the clear still not clean. Since the origin are important mopped tuh. Hehehe ...The air was still cold afternoon here. Worse yet it covers not okay.

Transportation in Crete, heck should we rent a car to drive around the island. I guess if I have to wait for the bus too long and not all the places we visited can be achieved through or on the bus. Unlike other countries, we should rent a car directly in Crete, because it's cheaper. We must be diligent Ask questions around the car rental price. We can rent a car for 10 days for 180 euro. Apparently there is an even cheaper tuh hehehe 

The places we go or where we climb:1. Bonripari hill fortress, castle defense on the hill is located in the western part of Crete. To achieve this we need to the road but not too far. Just walk around our books alias climb is not so clear. We are rather difficult to find a way to rise to the top. Had several times stray to find his way. I was even told to Walter "that you did not misread the instructions." He even said "this book is the one I love a stupid statement or read the book" heheh ... apparently it was not obvious love of his testimony. Not just one time only information that is not clear but several times. Finally, although the road to see also somewhat covered up. Our journey awarded with a good view, which we pass on the street tumbuhi plants and wildflowers which will be not only that of ataspun's brilliant scenery. There's also the thorny plants such as tuned. The plant is tuned in Germany produces oil in use as a salad oil.

2. Rethymnon, this region is the third largest city in Crete. Lots Cafe along the harbor Rethymnon that the visit by the young people of Crete. This port is a port that was built at the time, and there is also a Venetian colony Lighthouse. We can also see the Citadel defense Fortaleza. Bastion fort in the estimate is the largest ever made by Venice. Inside the fortress, we can see the Sultan Ibrahim Han Mosque which was built in the colonial era Osmanen (now known as Turkey). Unfortunately the first time we've been there in the afternoon, so the mosque was closed. We last came back here, just a shame again our camera was broken, he had no picture. :-( (. Beside the Chapel there.

In the old town we can Rethymon surround the small alleys, there we can see a lot of flowers in front of the house. And a balcony at the time of Turkey. We could see from afar Minaret, but we did not find the entrance to get there. Heheh ... J) had round-the-round is still not met. Heheh ...

3. Livaniana and Canyons Aradhena, actually famous gorge on Crete are much visited by tourists and is one of the excursions that are sold by travel agents is the Samaria Gorge. Samaria gorge is very difficult to achieved, we have to take a ship through there and through them we have to pay admission ravine (through the gorge just have to pay?). We decided to Canyons Aradhena. Canyons is also not easy to be on the pass. But it is very interesting to go through. We see a lot of wild goats and many died falling off the cliff. We can see from the remnants of the existing bone. There also are still incomplete or just a bone alone. The end of this journey we can find a nice beach Ormos Finika. This beach can only pass by running around or riding foot ship. Can not be reached by car. Actually, we also want to return via Loutro. (This area can only be reached on foot or ride a ship). It's just that we had strayed and we come home back through Phoenix. Apparently we wandern book is really not good, because we stray again. Heheh ... A wandern We got some books from the same publisher. Wandern other books that we use in other areas is very good, so we bought this wandern book from the same publisher.

4. Lassithi Plateau / Lassithi Plateau, Plateau, located in the eastern part of Crete is very interesting to visit. Although much J. The area is also offered by the tourist services in Crete. The plateau is famous for wind turbines on the run with a screen. Just a pity that there are many windmills here only a memory only. The screen is no longer there and the wind turbines are broken and now the usefulness of the windmill is replaced by electricity. The windmill was formerly in use as a water pump. The water pump is useful to flood rice fields in this area. This area is really tight and the wind may be said rather coldly. We can see the farmers working in the rice fields, and there are donkeys. In this area are still many donkeys are used to help the rice fields. Although many have switched to a tractor engine. And many were herding sheep and goats on the road.

5. Falassarna beach, trips to the beach is not so easy, because we went through the streets being fixed. But this trip over the mountain behind the mountain, we can enjoy the interesting sights. We see there is a section of land filled with fruit plantations contained in a plastic housing and there are many trees on Mount Olive. Falassarna very wide beach and sand smooth and yellow. The wind was blowing hard on this beach. Air sea is crystal clear but cold.

6. Chania, the second largest city of Venice is the island of Crete, not because of canals. But as good as the time of Venetian architecture. As the Port, and buildings scattered throughout the old city. The old town is really very enjoyable to surrounded and entered into the alleys. The city is the capital of Crete earlier.

7. Zaros and Canyons Rouras, this area is the only place Forelle dosing fish. Here there is also a children's playground and restaurat the only one at the time the weekend is full of family for the weekend. From here there is a road leading up to hike the gorge. Funnily enough when we get there, there happens to be a group of school children. Where the boys wearing blue and girls with pink shirt. * Typical ya boys in blue and girls in pink *.


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