Travel to "The City of a Thousand Bread" Europe, Germany

Travel to "The City of a Thousand Bread" Europe, Germany. According to a survey of the industry last year, about 94 percent of Germans consume bread as a staple food. Bread with millions of flavors. Large pool? Indeed it was. For German baker always adding new choices every day. And according to another survey from the Association for Crop, Market and Nutrition Research, the average German citizens eat 86 pounds of bread per year. Highest in Europe. Atkins Diet does not sell in this country.

The first time came and tried several kinds of bread here, we had not hooked too. Derived from rice-eating country, turn to the bread takes a long adjustment. Moreover, German bread is usually made from full grain so it feels harder if eaten. As well as a special yeast mixed somewhat sour taste. In addition to a harder, more stable bread alias here filling in the stomach. Inappropriate if used as a staple food. They do not like white bread like most bread in the country. A friend called white bread as Rati cotton. Because not feel full when eating. Not filling and quick to make hungry again.
Travel to "The City of a Thousand Bread" Europe, Germany, have you ever visited germany?

In Germany, we rarely find a path with no stores selling bread. Flights from inexpensive stores to fancy bakery. Start a quaint appearance to the most modern ones. Everything is easy to find and can be selected according to the ability of the bag. The latest development is the emergence of supermarket bread in strategic places in the city center, such as the mall or station. The price is relatively cheap, but the service is minimal. Buyers take the tray, choose from dozens of different types of bread on display, and then directly pay at the cashier. The tourists may find it easier to choose and know the ingredients of the cake concerned bakery display in front of their big container.

Even in supermarkets and department stores sell also abundant type of bread, some Germans prefer to buy at the bakery. To get the most recent bread, straight from the oven. The Germans sometimes took time to consult the shopkeeper, to discover new types of bread, buns at a discount in the day, and so on. But for those who have come to Germany, do not know their bread type and difficulty spelling the names here are sometimes strange bread on the tongue and ears, not to mention confused to choose from the many breads, might find it difficult here. Besides bread, a bakery selling other foods. What is it?

Soft pretzels are available in almost all bread. The color is dark brown. In Germany the name is Bretzel. The dough named laugen also made a round bread or baguette. We love cheese slices Bretzel content.

Black forest cake is not just a stereotypical German. He was created to make people happy. People love to order it for afternoon tea or coffee in the afternoon. Enjoyment of this cake will blend with fragrant coffee.

Stollen, the sweet bread, often made with a mixture of dried fruit or candied fruit, is a tradition at Christmas. In December, stollen sold everywhere. Bakery shops, super markets, supermarkets and the Christmas market.

Vanillekipferl, crusty bread vanilla crescent shaped, is also a favorite food at Christmas time. People can buy it in the bakery at Christmas season, although he was the most delicious homemade.

Round white bread, aka broetchen at most, in the south called Semmel - is a common bread for breakfast. He was served with a variety of additional biaa. Asin as cheese cubes, vegetable, or pickled. Or sweet, with the addition of jam, honey or chocolate cream.


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