Travel into History German Ship Museum in Bremerhaven

Travel into History German Ship Museum in BremerhavenIf . you would like to the museum but do not want to pay admission to enjoy its contents, Deutsche Schiffahrtsmuseum aka German ship museum is the right place. There are actually two Baian showrooms in this museum. In the building and beyond. Which in part is not free. But beyond Anybody should be enjoyed alone. The place is a former ostentatious old port in Bremerhaven which is now no longer used. That's where the ships multi-faceted and sizes on display to the public.

The location of the museum is very strategic. Just a few steps from the city center. And haltenya bypassed nearly all city buses in Bremerhaven. Family travelers usually stop in from close or from Deutsche Schiffahrtsmuseum road near Saturn electronics store. From this will be seen a large wooden sailing ship called Seute Deern winsome. Masts of the ships memjulang dozen feet high. Now, the ship is made ​​in America than as a display, it also serves as a restaurant. We never stopped to retsauran it. Dizzy used to view a list of the prices of the food there.


Near Seute Deern is a smaller ship called Elbe 3 and Emma. Elbe 3, completed in 1909, used to serve as a vessel of war. And was used in World War I and II. Emma, ​​made ​​of steel, last served in 1992 as a guard at the East Sea coast of Germany. Just like Seute Deern, Emma must ride and enjoyed some parts of it. The farther walk we will meet some displays in the form of an old lighthouse, giant propellers, valves, small boats, ships chimney. In the last part is a submarine museum and Seefalke, a former crane ships seas. People have to pay if it enters both. But free photographed and enjoyed by its shape from the outside. :)


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