Transportation Systems in European Cities Marvellous

Transportation Systems in European Cities Marvellous. One of the requirements is a smooth transport traveling comfort. Both inter-state, inter-city, and the city itself. Transportation within the city is very important especially in big cities like Berlin, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​etc., where the attractions are spread throughout the city apart. Walking in cities is possible only for those who are long enough in one city. If the short course, would be more effective if you use public transportation, right?

According to the experience of family travelers, transport systems in European cities similar to each other. Vehicles in the city's most commonly used is the city bus. Others are tram, metro (underground tram) and a special train in the city. Using the city bus is a fun way to enjoy the beauty of a city. Especially in cities such as Berlin, there is a certain numbered city bus through the main tourist spots. We just sit in the bus, many scenic spots can be seen. Very efficient compared to the city's bus ride can cost many times over. Tram was thus. Legendary Tram number 28 in Lisbon will take us around the beautiful historic places in this city. While the metro and train specialized in the city will take us to our destination faster. Not delicious, metro stations are often deep in the ground. Trains too, got some stops are more difficult to reach than the bus or tram.
Transportation Systems in European Cities Marvellous.

Ticketing system is also usually relatively easy. Better find information on purchasing tickets in a city through a tourist guide book or the internet. The city's public transport company usually has a website that also provides information in English. From here bus akita know ticket prices and how to purchase. In the big cities of Western Europe, tickets can be purchased at the automated machines at each stop, with kiosks selling newspapers and magazines, through the ticket seller at the bus-stop is certain, with the bus driver bersamngkutan or through automated machines in the vehicle. Not all automatic machines have the same sophistication in every city. In big cities western european machine can accept whatever money and giving change accordingly. There are times when nothing like that. In Thessaloniki, Greece, the engine in the bus can only accept coins and is not programmed to buy a change. If we are less coins, tickets do not come out. if it is not able to return. Need to provide small coins bernominal it.

It should also be remembered that many of the city menyedian uniform ticket for every type of vehicle. The tickets can be used for bus, tram and metro. But there is also that enforces separation. As in Lisbon. Bus and tram tickets can not be used to ride the metro. Or if you want to use all types of transport, need to buy a more expensive ticket.

Tickets in the city terdesia manifold. There is a one-way ticket with different validity periods in each city. In Prague, for example. Having a ticket once half-hour, an hour, four hours, and so on. There are only providing all tickets duration of one hour. Other tickets are available are daily tickets. Usually it is a daily ticket and daily tickets per person per group. It is suitable for both groups. If longer could pick three tickets daily or weekly tickets. Even monthly. Customize it to our needs.


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