Train Surfing Jump Up Sankt Goar

When other friends opted to take the ferry to Sankt Goar of Bacharach, both families did not participate. It happened too fast. There's not much time to think. So we took the train just to the Sankt Goar. Fortunately still overtaken. We ran from the ferry port to the station Bacharach.

Bacharach - Sankt Goar just two train stops. Less than 15 minutes away. Near the entrance of this small town, we saw a perkemahan.Mirip Bacharach, the station also looks deserted. But some people we see, all use English.

Station Sankt Goar small. From the outside it looks like a regular old house. Moreover looked deserted. Just writing the DB (Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company) as a marker that the building is actually a train station.

Our time here shortly. Just picked up my friends who were riding a ferry. So we only glimpse through downtown to the ferry port.

From this fleeting observations, we conclude that not as old Bacharach Bacharach. Stone streets made of concrete so it looks modern. Old houses of reinforced wood was not as much as in Bacharach. Though Sankt Goar has been inhabited since ancient Roman times, which is about two thousand years ago. And the city center was pretty crowded by foreign tourists. We see a lot of cars and large motor plates Netherlands. The city is famous for its proximity to the Loreley Valley. We glimpsed through the glass rail. He said there was a statue of a woman named Loreley. According to legend, Loreley is a very pretty girl. Captain-kapeten ships passing through the point can not be controlled so that sinking ship here.

Ferry harbor not far from the station. Only about a five minute walk down to the river Rhine. Right on the banks of the river, there are streets for walking with shady trees and benches underneath. It's comfortable and fun to enjoy the beauty of the river. Watching cargo ships, passenger ferries and passing. Also look Sankt Goarshausen twin city across the second castle Katz and Maus


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