Train Ride Traveled up in Europe With "Ticket" InterRail Global Pass

Enjoy European Railway trips With InterRail Global Pass. Toured Europe with the dream of many tickets interrail European teenagers. After the age of adulthood (18 years) and no longer in school, to realize the dream about the world outside could diwijudkan relatively easy and inexpensive. Some German friends we used tickets toured several European countries when they were young. One friend has ever roving countrymen dozen cities in several states over the past two weeks with interrail. Last year (2008) as many as 240 thousand tickets sold interrail. Many websites are created specifically addresses this favorite tickets. Please just check on google with keywords interrail.

Tickets interrail, now named InterRail Global Pass is valid train ticket in a certain period in the participating countries or specific countries. Formerly global interrail not apply in all countries, but is divided into several zones of the country with different prices. Today, interrail only have two choices, the global zone, or interrail one country, which is only valid in the country of choice. The price is very cheap. Especially for those aged less than 26 years. Train ride traveled up in Europe With "Ticket" InterRail Global Pass.

There are two kinds of global Interrail. For those who want to visit a few countries in a short time, just select interrail 5 or 10 days. Interrail 5 days can be used 5-day trip in the past 10 days. While interrail 10 days apply 10-day trip in the next 22 days.

For those who want to break the record for the longest journey along the blue continent, can purchase tickets in full effect for 22 or a month. Ticket types applies in almost all railway grade 1 or 2 in 32 participating countries during the period interrail program apply. Full. So the ticket holder has the right to travel as often as possible. In-train super fast trains like TGV or ICE sprinter interrail ticket holders are required to pay an additional fee.

Tickets interrail new type is a state ticket. So if you want to visit a country in a given period of time to buy tickets. Ticket options are available for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days. Ticket prices interrail one country vary, depending on the country visited. He divided the country into 4 groups. Countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom have the highest rates. Meanwhile, Turkish, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia membandrol much cheaper price. Buying tickets can be made online through a special website interrail or train station states that enforce this ticket.

Unfortunately, both families have been utilizing interrail ticket. So do not have any personal experience to share. In addition, we have not had very long to travel around Europe by train. If the count was, the ticket price for the mother and father who have been over the age of 26 years, plus Embak who also has to pay, it is very expensive for us. Not to mention the complicated imagine carrying two small children up and down the train for days or even weeks.

Of all the advantages and virtues interrail offered to its users, at least there are two things to note. First, interrail only be purchased by those who have at least six months of living in Europe, Turkey and the former Soviet Union countries. And interrail not apply in the country where we live. For example, we, can not buy interrail Germany. And because it did not apply in the country where we live, where to buy any global interail, tickets can not we wear in Germany. So there is additional spending,


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