Tragic! American Car Manufacturer Ford Fiesta Pull 262 000 Unit

Tragic! American car manufacturer Ford Fiesta Pull 262 000 Unit
Detroit - Manufacturing America, Ford Motor Co. pull 262,000 units of the popular Fiesta pasarang for 2011-2013 models. Withdrawal of the car is done to reprogram the airbag (air sacs).

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (17/10/2012) that must be reprogrammed airbag is an airbag on the passenger side.

At first, the passenger airbag will not inflate right in some cases, especially collisions collisions that occur on the right car.

In its report Traffic Safety Agency and U.S. Highway blame Ford for not telling about it in the manual.

Ford said they will reprogram the software in order to inflate the airbag can not even front passenger.

The recall applies to Fiesta cars in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. Not yet known whether it applies also to Indonesia.

Ford Fiesta in Indonesia Secure

Meanwhile, Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) as a distributor in Indonesia Ford Fiesta in Indonesia claimed not include drawn. Fiesta hatchback car in the country is declared safe.

"Indonesia baseball influence," said Communications Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI), Indra Lea Kartika when confirmed.

Most Popular: Fiesta of the popular car models of the market for 2011-2013, reprogram the airbag (air sacs). reprogram the airbag software that can expand. applies to Fiesta cars in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America.


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