Tourist Learning German Der Weg ist Das Ziel

Tourist Learning German Der Weg ist Das Ziel. This time instead of grandstanding would speak German. But it is hard to find exact equivalents for the above title. If interpreted independently journey is the destination. It seems still difficult to understand, huh? : (

Usually ika people make the trip, he had one goal. To Bali, to Europe, to the United States is the destination. Or it could be to a neighbor's house, relatives in the village next door. It can also be a goal. Although on a smaller scale. But there are certain people, such as Mother, not only as a place to put one goal in making one trip. They have another purpose. They are trying to enjoy all the things in the best way possible. For them, the journey itself is the destination.

To be clear, it may be Mother illustrate by example. While still a child, His mother noticed a Pakde wonder. This Pakde lived about 5 hours Emak hour drive from home. He was several times a year to visit. But he stayed at home usually only two or three hours. Then back again five hours long bus ride to the town where he lived. Not only to the Mother. To tempta other relatives in other cities too. Apparently not been favored Pakde event. Many hours are in a way that is more enjoyed.

The longer, the more His mother realized that he was also included in this group. Again we travel, where we spent more time on the road than at the destination. When two trips to Berlin for example. Fourteen hours we boarded the train to go home, whereas in Berlin alone, we spent only four hours. While in Malta, a lot of our time out on the bus. For driving from one tourist spot to another could take an hour. But in every bus trip we always find new things. Beautiful scenery, unique homes, locals activity, natural architecture interesting.

It all adds to the meaning of the journey. Enriching the mind and makes us more manghargai one process. So while lingering in the journey, through the ups and downs, we did not feel the time is wasted.


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