Tourism Beauty Spa Center Germany, Hessen

Tourism Beauty Spa Center Germany, Hessen. Located in the middle of Germany, the state of Hessen in Wiesbaden city thousands. Covering the Sauerland region in the north to the Odenwald hills in the south and from the east to the Taunus Rhoen west. The surplus in the field of tourism is its natural beauty, old forests, marshes and lakes and beautiful rivers. Relics of history comes from the Germans and Romans. Frankfurt am Main, the main business city where Europe stands second busiest airport, is located in Hessen. Additionally, Hessen has plenty of tourist health resort, spas and other health resort.

Highlights include the town in northern Hessen Kassel with the famous castle and spa district. Kassel is a well-known proponent of modern art exhibition 'Dokumenta'. Palace in a fairy tale "Princess Sleep 'named Sababurg Reinhardswald located in the forest. Waldecker Land, where reservoir Eder and Kellerwald National Park is located, offers marvelous landscapes.

Rheingau is one of the districts most beautiful wineries in Europe. The haves and the nobility have residence here for more than a millennium ago. Generate package paketmonumen important architecture in Germany, including the Cistercian monastery Eberbach, Johannisberg Castle, the Palace Vollrads. Rudesheim, wine illustrious city, is one of the most important tourist attraction here.

A half-hour drive by car from Frankfurt am Main, hills taunus displays the perfect combination between nature and culture, the attractions of the era of the Roman Empire. Examples are Saalburg Palace, the only Roman fort on the Limes, the borders of ancient Roman Empire, Castle Eppstein, Koenigstein, Falkenstein, Kronberg and Oberreiffenberg, a castle in Bad Homburg. Also many thermal spas, which comes from the ancient Roman times. But not only showcases the history Taunus. But also the idyllic scenery, villages with wooden bones of the middle ages.

Measured by area and volume, Vogelsberg is actually a dormant volcano largest in Europe. This area is covered by forests wild. Surrounded by lakes similar in parks, meadows and farmland. A paradise for lovers of sport bikes and roller blade. a lot of rural roads snaking up towards the hilltops.

Cities and villages in Hessen is a source of discovery tours. Visitors can enjoy a village surrounded by vineyards, medieval towns romantic, elegant spas, as well as the cities with a modern twist.

Frankfurt am Main, for example. In general, the city is known for its leading business-building skyscrapers, the economy and the central banking and financial services provider. But if we look more closely, the city offers simplicity. Take a walk on the banks of the river Main Roemerberg or we'll meet interesting museums, traditional houses producing apple juice at Sachsenhausen, and visit the elegant Goethestrasse ynag known as the center of a meal.

Conveniently located near the river Fulda, Fulda city has so many excellent tourist attractions: cultural museums, routes german fairy tale for fans of Grim Brothers, many spas and wellness facilities as well as for fans of water sports, golf and skydiving.

Wiesbaden, the capital of Hessen, located on the banks of the Rhine River in the foothills of Taunus. Live comfortably here. Where villas and wineries scattered. Also a resort with hot spring therapy. Chic atmosphere, magnificent architecture, green gardens, vast, along with cultural centers, defines the beauty of this city.

With 32 spa and wellness resort, Hessen is a destination spa and wellness in Germany. Includes famous spa cities like Wiesbaden (Kaiser Friedrich Thermal Baths), bad Homburg (Kaiser Wilhelm Spa) and Bad Wildungan with spa gardens of the largest in Europe. Too small resorts such as Schlangenbad, Bad Zwesten, Bad Salzschlirf. Hessen philosophy is to maintain tradition without ignoring innovation. Then reinvented the conventional health care, and traditional Asian therapies combined with clever with western medicine.


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