Tips For Photographing Food Evocative Tastes

Tips For Photographing Food Evocative tastes. Is there a special trick tips photographing food so the results interesting and tempting?
(Merry Setyoningsih, 20 years)


To make the photo results are good and the food was unappetizing, required equipment that is divided into a number of major equipment and support equipment. But of course it is also needed special tips for maximum results.

Main Equipment:

- DSLR Camera.
- Macro lens that can shoot from close range.
- The flash or studio lights.
- Styrofoam.
- To minimize vibration, use a Tripod and Cable Release.

Hardware support:
- If possible, use a laptop with software built cameras to monitor the results of the photo shoot.
- Brush and oil.

- Use the lens aperture between f / 4 to f/5.6.
- To get a soft glow, use styrofoam as a reflector.
- For food looks moist, basting the food with oil.
- Try shooting from different angles.
- White Balance 5.500K for the type of food served cold and 4.900K for the type of food served in hot conditions.


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