Three Wheel Scooters Body Carbon Fiber Super Luxury Make Amazed

Three Wheel Scooters berbodi Carbon Fiber Super Luxury Make amazed

Glance one might assess the same as the three-wheel scooter from Piaggio, the MP3 has two wheels in front and one rear wheel. If it is different, the color. Onyx Concept Peugeot scooter with his car, hybrid drive and look for a combination of natural black carbon fiber and copper shiny on the side of this bodi.Skuter can speed 150 km / h with a source of prime, 400 cc petrol engine and produces power 60 PS (45 kW ) and a torque of 57 Nm. As for the electric motor. Peugeot did not elaborate.

Rear and front wheels 200/50-R17 tires. Scooter is driven by two selection bias modes, namely Sport and Urban. If you want to drive it in Sport, meant to be like spur motorcycle: the position of the body slightly to the rear. In contrast, when using Urban mode or scooter, algal body and legs forward. .


This hybrid scooter, claimed fuel consumption of 50 km / liter besuai European test standards. When mnenggunakan pure electric energy, one can charge the battery for a distance of 30 km. Furthermore, when relying on gasoline from the tank, can be used for a distance of 500 km.


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