This reason Classical, KIA Car Manufacturers Raise Car Prices

 This reason Classical, KIA Car Manufacturers Raise Car Prices

KIA Sportage (detikOto)

Jakarta - The weakening of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar makes KIA forced to raise the price of each variant in the country. If you look at the overall brand, KIA raise prices earlier than other manufacturer brand.


"Actually we (KIA) ​​does not want to raise, and actually we've maintained for not riding. Rupiah situation but because of the condition, we had to do," said Communications and Marketing Manager of PT KIA Indonesia, Ridjal Mulyadi, Tuesday (05/06/2012) .


On currency markets, the rupiah weakened to Rp 9470 per U.S. dollar at 10:45 pm. Whereas normal range in the level of the exchange rate of Rp 9285 per U.S. dollar.


Ridjal added gains made ​​KIA currently varied in accordance with the vehicle. "Due rupiah weakened, the price increase that we provide varied according to the circumstances. Example Picanto only $ 2 million, if greater Sportage, and indeed we do not average out to hike," he said.


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