This Product Reasons Honda CR-V No Login Register Car Selling

This product Reasons Honda CR-V, No Login Register Car Selling

Denpasar - Not as usual, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) flagship Honda, CR-V, are not included in the monthly list of best-selling car. Why?

Though Honda has recently launched the All New CR-V in Indonesia. Unfortunately the new model is still not well distributed. Proven since its launch on 20 September 2012, SUVs All New CR-V sold only 798 units.


Director of Marketing and Sales Service of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Jonfis Fandy said the condition is due to the production of All New CR-V in Indonesia is not maximized.


Honda itself as asserted Jonfis just started production of All New CR-V on 20 September 2012 or at the same time launching the car in RI.


"CR-V safe. Because its production to 798 new 20 September. So it was new and the supply is somewhat less," he said on the sidelines Jonfis media test drive the all-new CR-V in Bali, on Wednesday (10/10/2012).


But go slowly Jonfis car sales will return to its normal position even more. Sales of the Honda CR-V is normally 1200-1300 units per month. "Going back to the original, planned 1,200 units per month," he added.


At the same time, Jonfis admits some CR-V SUV lovers had to switch to another brand. Contributing factor is the issue of flood presence Thailand and the latest CR-V.


Honda himself admitted rather late launched All New CR-V in Indonesia. Nevertheless, further Jonfis, consumers will again choose the CR-V with good reason.


"Indeed, we are a little late, and some move to competitors. But it would be back again," sure Jonfis.


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