This Luxury Motor and Unique Special Edition for the Queen of England Elizabeth

This Luxury Motor and Unique Special Edition for the Queen of England Elizabeth.Manufacturer native England, Triumph Motorycles high reward to the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who reached 60 years with special model, Triumph Bouneville Diamond Jubilee. This special model is very limited, only 60 units will be produced, according to figures of the reign of the Queen.

Model of the iconic Triumph for decades gets graphic changes to the tank using the motif of "Union Jack" as the British flag. Protective chain also got a touch of chrome, and the battery cover are given Diamond Jubilee logo inscribed 1952-2012, the year of commencement of Queen Elizabeth II reigned until now.


Given front fenders Diamond Jubilee emblem mounted on the end. Overall the bike special silver paint whitewash with a combination of red and golden lines, like color oversized palace. The engine is still the same, 865 cc air-cooled two-cylinder capable of removing the power 68 PS. The design was created by Triumph dealer in collaboration with Staffordshire Farrout Paintwork for business color and motif. Of course, they made ​​has been approved by the Triumph.


Triumph sixtieth Bouneville special edition will be auctioned. The results are used as a fund supporting educational programs for young royal and the cost of treatment for the British commonwealth.


Triumph initiative to reward the kingdom is not new. In 1959 a special model ever released in honor of the royal family. Then in 1977 appeared Bouneville dedicated to the Silver Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth's 25th year.

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