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This list Options Family Traveller Accommodation. In choosing hotels in a destination city, the price factor to be one important determinant of decision making when choosing. But not the only determinant. If the price is already qualified and in accordance with the size of the bag, other factors were sticking out. Another determinant is the location of the inn, for example. Usually we select the location in the city center. Or at least very close to the city center. If you do not allow us to select the transport to the city center or airports easy. When the location of the price and location fit, then go the other factors such as the availability kitchen facilities, internet, breakfast, check in and check out, etc..

During many trips, we encountered a variety of accommodations. Starting up a complete fully-minimalist by our standards. In cities with many lodging options is usually the price is also skewed. Cities with cheap lodging rates as is Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Athens. One person might pay less than 10 euros per night. While Amsterdam, Copenhagen, cities in Italy, Barcelona, ​​higher cost. Cheapest 20 to 30 euros per person per night.
This list Options Family Traveller Accommodation

Many camp experience can be of various kinds of residence. Lots of fun. The two less happy. But all is of course very valuable as experience.
This list Options Family Traveller Accommodation, Do you know?

In Rome, we get a hotel room near the Termini station. Rooms are spacious, clean with a super big bed dopel. Makes us reluctant to leave the inn. In Eastern Europe, such as Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, many dorm double as lodging. Facilities were good. Part we've ever tasted was in Budapest. The furniture made Ikea. It is very clean with bathroom and toilet in the room. All we get at bargain prices. Is not that great?

In Athens, we stayed at the well equipped kitchen. Unfortunately dusty in some parts of the room. According to friends who have visited Greece several times, it was common there. The average is less clear, he said.

Our lodging in Barcelona located in the Eixample elite. It looks like the owner rented a large apartment and make lodging. The roof is very high. High carved wooden door. People can be fined if too noisy here. The kitchen is modern and very clean. Unfortunately the lack of soundproofing. Two nights there, people were snoring sounds from the next room.

Because often, the price of lodging in Bratislava tend to be more expensive than other cities such as Prague and Budapest. The cheapest we got from a student dormitory. A large complex and still largely populated by students there. The place is pretty clean. but the old furniture in it. Brown wood floor that had not been replaced. Kitchen facilities were minimal. There is only one gas stove must use private match when using it.

Lisbon, capital of Portugal is a hilly city. Even in the city center too. Many hotels are located in hill-climbs. Although the city bus and tram to reach almost all corners of the city, we often see them pull your luggage up and down the area like this. Somewhat troublesome. Fortunately we got a lodging in the area is relatively flat. The fares are very cheap. The owner Mozambique Muslim people who have long lived here. Rooms are very minimalist. There was only a bed a dresser and nightstand. But their service is satisfactory. Clean towels are available every morning. The rooms were cleaned every day.

Quite often we get a room on the top floor where the accommodation does not have a lift. Usually we ask first whether it is safe putting the pram downstairs. If not, we had to lift it up and down stairs. So our experience with cheap hotels in Europe.


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