This Essential Vitamins to Increase Libido and Powerful

Vitamin deficiency can not only adversely affect the body as a whole, but also interfere with your sexual activity. Some types of vitamins, works to increase stamina and blood circulation, which in turn increases libido. Eat four of these vitamins, so the quality of your sex better.

1. Vitamin AVitamin A is an important element related to reproduction. Excerpted from Intimate medicine, vitamin deficiencies can affect the production of sex hormones, and drives down the strength of the organisms that are usually directly affect ovarian production. Vitamin A is found in fish, eggs, dairy products, green leafy vegetables and yellow fruits.

2. Vitamin B-1Energy production and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats depend on the availability of vitamin B-1 in the body. This vitamin deficiency, can reduce energy reserves, and indirectly have a negative impact on the level of libido. Signs of deficiency of vitamin B-1 of them easily anxious, constipation and even increase heart rate. These symptoms also can inhibit the onset of sex drive so that affects the quality of sex. Begin diligently eating seeds, pineapple, brown rice and cereal from now.

3. Vitamin B3Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is also an important element in improving the quality of sex. Niacin helps the blood circulation - which plays an important role in the process of achieving orgasm during penetrative sex. If you want to keep your sex activity is running normally, you should invite your partner to eat chicken, fish, fresh broccoli da yogurt with you.

4. Vitamin CVitamin C plays an important role in the absorption of iron from food. Iron, is an indispensable component of glands on the kidneys, the glands in charge of controlling the sex life. Renal gland produces some sex hormones, including hormones that influence orgasm.

Vitamin C also increases the body's immune system can prevent stress, maintain flexibility and vitality. When a strong immune system, automatic sexual activity was also higher quality. You can meet the need of vitamin C with the consumption of strawberries, tomatoes, oranges and lemons.(HST / fer)


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