The Vacations Unforgettable, Loving and Cheerfulness

The vacations unforgettable, Loving and Cheerfulness.
 It's the story of our 3 day vacation in Paris in late 2006.
Flights from Hamburg city takes 1.5 hours. Arriving At Airport Charlles de Gaulle 2.
Ease sich streets when we were there the manual. We had already bought the book Paris city guide.
We stayed at the ETAP Hotel. Rooms are cute dech because the room can be filled 3 people. Bed like a dorm bed. Bathrooms and toilets are like on an airplane. Price for 1 night as it was € 53. -
If you want to eat at an affordable price in the Saint Michel (quatier Latin).

Finally we arrived at the airstrip Paris. We plan to walk around town after that first break into the hotel. To go to the city center, can be traveled by subway (Metro). Tickets can be purchased at ticket offices or at automated machines. At the ticket offices rather full. Unfortunately we were not able to buy tickets at the automatic machine, because the machine only in French, forced us back in line.

The subway (Metro) of Paris is not the oldest in the world, but the track a lot and connected to the city center of Paris. We must be many ways to exchange our goals with other metro. Unfortunately they do not have an elevator so for parents as well as carrying many rather difficult to achieve. Lots of stairs and hallways that we should go. Paris Metro sells various tickets. 1 Ticket 1, 45 Euros or 10 tickets (carnet) 10.90 Euro and tickets for tourist << >> Paris Visite for 1,2,3 or 5 days for a city or region outside Paris. Maps and schedules and we can take the Metro goals in the tourism office and central shop.

At that time, we bought 10 tickets for $ = € 10.90 for our 3 days around the city of Paris. For those who want to one day ride around the metro mobilis can buy tickets cheaper than Paris Visite € 5.60. But for those who want to surround and enter the museum paris visite may also be purchased.

Paris and a lot of places that we can visit the museum apart from the Eiffel Tower.

Montmartre is the highest hill of Paris. Most of the artists lived here once, because of the cheapness of rental apartments. At the top of the hill there is the Sacre Coeur, the church is made a national memorial for the defeat of the French in the war and for the remission of sins. Not only tourists but also the city of Paris sitting on the stairs to the church to enjoy the fall sun with music, dancing or other attractions as well as dining and drinking. From up here we can see around the city of Paris. There are also many souvenir sellers around. The area is full of shops selling souvenirs but also sell fabric.

sacre coeur

Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill)
Within walking distance of Montmartre we can see Moulin Rouge. We can see the show as well as dinner. The queue to buy a ticket to get in there very long. Dinner begins at 19:00 and the show at 21:00. Tuch pretty expensive ticket prices around 92 euros for the show. (We only see from the outside)

Place de la Concorde
This year 3000 monument height of about 23 m, weighing 230 tons from Pharao Ramses II temple city of Luxor in Egypt. In this place there is also a fountain made by artists Collogne (Germany) and its eight huge statue of Women. This sculpture symbolizes the 8 cities of France.

The splendor of Pont Alexandre III bridge which was built for the contact between the Grand Palais and the Hôtel des Invalides. Laying the first stone by King Alexander III. Grand Palais (Palace large) and Petit Palais (Small Palace) besebrangan, now a museum. For visiting all the museums in Paris are not enough to do in one day and we should have plenty of funding streets.

Hôtel des Invalides, this building was built for veterans, where the veteran does not have to be a beggar or a thief. Because this building was used as a workshop. Now a museum. Funny thing was first here, we thought it could not get in because it guarded by police.

Paris is not Paris without the Eiffel Tower
Before reaching the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars we passed. This park used to be in use for a military parade.
Go up the Eiffel Tower can we do to take the elevator or the stairs.
Ticket prices vary-range. We can be visited at level 1 to level 3. Levels 1 and 2 can we take the stairs, but the level 3 should be a lift. Tickets to level 3 for 11 euros.

Very long ticket queues. There are 4 steps to the top. Under the Eiffel Tower, we can rest a lunch with a drink or buy crepes and sandwiches can also sausage. Very nice view to the Eiffel Tower can be seen from the Trocadero and the Palais de Chaillot. Trocadero is a place where there are gardens and the Palais de Chaillot. From here we can also see the view of the river Seine.

Palais de Chaillot is now a museum including several museums Sailing, Ethnology (the science of the nations), Movies, 6000 models of the most important buildings in France as well as the museum sculptor.
Arc de Triomphe (Arch wins)
Paris city traffic is very chaotic, it is not easy for us to cross to get to the gate. Most of the tourists were taking photos of the street standing on the road divider.

Under the dome there is a statue of the unknown soldier. This gate was built on the orders of Napoleon to honor military greatness.

From here begins a military parade on July 14. This gate is located on the Champs Elysees, where if you stood in the middle facing the Arc de Triomphe and behind us is the Place de la Concorde.
The world's largest museum, the Louvre

To visit this museum needed a strategy. Since we can not visited the museum in 1 day. People say to visit all possible we need wakti 1 week. Not only is Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vincis and the Venus of Milo just that we admire. For those want to go to avoid the long queues of the main entrance to the pyramid entrance of the Porte des Lions (of the Seine). In addition we should also be in place that will map to the visit. We may also surrounds the bottom of the pyramid without having to enter the museum. At the bottom of the pyramid there are pebelanjaan center with cafes and international fast-food restaurant.

The first park was opened to the public, Jardin de Tuleries
As the garden Louvre. This park is the first park opened to the public of all existing parks and a model for other parks in European countries.

Paris society many are taking an afternoon nap in the park. Resting in the park is not just for lunch only but really to calm down. Read a newspaper or just sitting and lying down on a park bench a lot of us have encountered. Not only benches around the park but also chairs that surround the pool in the middle of the park. On Saturday and Sunday the pool is in use by tenants small sailboat for families who bring their children jaunt taman.Perahu screen goes the wind, and sticks to achieve it. In this park there is also a gate but not the same as the Arc de Triomphe. What is interesting is that there are 18 statues of women among living fence.

Notre Dame, the Church's many important historical record. Among the inauguration of Napoleon. Revolution era, Notre Dame turned the Temple of Reason >> <<. Should we visit on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday full of not only tourists but also locals. The tower can we go we have to wait long.

Quartier Latin means local students. Previously this area was built university and school elite. Now the area is filled with cafe, Jazzclub, restaurant and bookstore around Boulevard Saint Michel. Not only is the visit by the students but also international tourists. We can find a lot of old book shops as well as an old painting.

The building is an opulent tomb as a memorial. Tomb magnifying women and French men. As usual this building as a museum.

Jardin and the Palais du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens and Palace),

Parks famous Paris city center. As with other woods in this park there is also a pool located in the middle. As usual there are around chairs overlooking the pond and benches around the park. Not only that there is also a palace which is now used as the office of the senate.

Beside it there is a Museum du Luxembourg.
For women to Paris not only to see the Eiffel Tower, but also fashion.
* Galaries Lafayette, a palace for the consumer. Tourists admire the magnificent domes are made of glass. Clothes on display by its brand name.

galerie lafayette
* Marché aux Puces de Saint Quen at the Clignancourt flea market is the largest in the world selling an assortment of goods with more than 3000 merchants. We must be about 15 miles on foot to surround all are.

For artists Saint Germain des pres is a place. Almost all the regions here are the gallery. Gallery may be said not to small but interesting. Not only paintings but also sell antiques.

Opera de la Bastille, this magnificent Theater formerly a prison.
There is an interesting place for us to visit the Place des Vosges. Formerly this place called Place Royale. After a few times eventually renamed back to Place des Vosges. The place is named after the first city to pay taxes. This place there are 36 pavilions that surround and in the center there is a garden surrounded by a fence. In the middle of the park and there are trees around him as well. Not only is it in every corner of the fence are tidup middle of each square and the fountain there. The park is full of people Paris sightseeing with family.

Here we can find Miyake Isye Boutique, Restaurant and Maison de Victor Hugo, this museum where the famous writer used to live in one of the pavilions. We can see the documents, furniture, as well as some paintings.

To note!!!
All the attractions of Paris can be traveled by the Metro. Funny thing is The French have their own rules. In each train seats are up, but if the train is full, the seat is not in use. We also must be careful train. If the train had sounded the signal we should not ride. Railway road, train doors do not open automatically, if we're stuck in the door.

There are few places as well as a Metro stop that we need to avoid when it's midnight. That is outside of the northern, eastern and southern parts of the city.


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