The First Adventure Into The Black Continent, Morocco

The first adventure into the Black Continent, Morocco. finally met also with the cheap tickets to one of the country's dream: Morocco. Meet cheap tickets are first-first actually. However, it does not always fit. Not fitting the holidays, lah. Not fitting time off, lah. Or did not fit his money, lah. Lha really thank God that last fit all. Although relatively short, 4 days only. Should be grateful. Because the next time there is not necessarily a golden opportunity like this.

One of the highlights of Morocco in addition to the sights and tourist attractions are, as citizens, we do not need to use a visa. No need to complicated or spend money and extra time before departure. Can tickets cheap, at any time can fly to the land of Al-Maghrib.
The first adventure into the Black Continent, Morocco.

From Germany, cheap tickets are usually obtained from Ryanair. Ryanair flight from Weeze and Frankfurt Hahn in Germany, to the city of Agadir, Fes, Marrakech and Nador in Morocco. Airarabia there is a flight from Cologne to Nador. Lufthansa to Casablanca. Other airlines also. However, nothing is as cheap as Ryanair in the promo. From Frankfurt Hahn to Fes, mid-February, we paid about 300 euro foursome went home.


For travel, Marrakech is actually more crowded than Fes. But the tickets are more expensive in Marrakech. So we choose to Fes alone. The important thing is it has to Morocco. hehehe. In 4 days we visited the city of Fes, Meknes, Moulay Idriss and Volubilis Zerhoun. Thank God a lot of experiences and the lessons we learned after this trip. What is clear, do not give up going there again.


Long before he set foot in this country, we have been introduced by a friend to her younger students in the city of Fes. They were very much helped us. So the journey more smoothly, comfortably, almost without interruption. Plus other info-impossible we know if we are traveling alone without accompany them.


So look forward to family stories about the country further both Al-Maghrib


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