The Beauty Cruise Family Together Abroad

The Beauty Cruise Family Together Abroad. Families begin the adventure travelers visiting cities and new countries after the birth Embak. Yes, we started as a family. Embak Since the age of four months, he has invited us to visit Salzburg, Austria. About four hours drive from Nuernberg berkerata economic fire, where we lived at the time.
Thankfully during this Embak never fuss and bother during the trip. Eating too easy. Brötchen (bread) more often asked when hungry. It's cheap, filling and easy to buy them at the bakery across Europe.

When Embak young and unborn sister, everything is much easier for us. Embak can sit in a stroller friendly (stroller) hers. Where she can sit, sleep, eat, play. While we occasionally push or carry everywhere, our trip is almost completely undisturbed. His mother and father can take hours to explore the place, and occasionally resting. So no fuss we provide all his needs. Staple foods, snacks, stories a la studio story in the form of MP3, or a small toy that is easy to carry, practical and entertaining.
The two unforgettable experience while bringing Embak the stroller. In Paris, its Metro unfriendly to the disabled and elderly child carrier stroller. They rarely have berjalanan stairs. Moreover lift. Up and down the steps to be done via high. Haltenya It was far away in the soil. We both worked together to train menganggat Embak while up and down the stairs. And this we do every time up and down the metro.

In Venice too. Embak colds because we had spent the night in a train station. Semnejak a plane to Venice, he was vomiting. Arrived, his body limp immediately. Fed something soon vomited again. Father and Mother got confused and had to cancel plans Venezia round that day. But after waiting for a while at the airport condition looks better, we went back eager for adventure. We tidurkan him in a stroller while covered. Then lift it up and down dozens of bridges that Venezia is not friendly for owners of wheeled equipment.
When the sister was born and was not fit anymore Embak up the stroller, the rhythm of the streets we were experiencing adjustment. Slowing of course. Congenital more and more. Embak not be invited to walk too fast. And again, we have to adjust. When he is hungry, immediately find a seat. Tired too. As a result, we must reduce the number of places to be visited tourist destination somewhere. Travel time is usually quite a day or two, now three to four days in one city. Quantity is reduced, the quality increases.

Mandatory goods other than food and supplies brought the child, of course, her favorite doll or small toy. Equipment small game such as Nintendo DS or PSP is often helpful as a diversion Embak. Also songs and children's stories in MP3. We are also always ready snack that's easy to carry around. Biscuit is a good choice. Dry, small, fits in the hands of children.

If you meet with a playground when walking, meaning it's time again break. Embak usually best not bear to stop by if you see it. Nothing wrong with a desire for a moment. In order for her to be more entertained and forget about boredom.
Take the kids on a long journey for days is not easy. Preparation should be longer and mature. If there is inaccurate and that lag can cause pressure on the trip. Trying to relax and try to show the atmosphere of joy in every situation makes it all so much easier. Ah, we can not imagine a lonely journey without them.


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