Tales Affairs Traveled To The Palace Neuschwanstein

Tales Affairs traveled to the Palace, Neuschwanstein. Not only cities outside Europe to explore family travelers. Cities across the country many of them can be seen beauty. Many towns or particular villages has its own peculiarities. Major cities such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne metropolitan characterized by all the hustle and bustle. The villages and their farms have beauty as well. Old towns medieval remains largely preserved, so that we seemed to visit the past. Even the magnificent palaces where late antiquity kings reigned or lived in Germany.

One of the loveliest is the Neuschwanstein castle near Fussen small town on the slopes of the Alps. Built on the orders of King Ludwig II. Otto Friedrich Wilhelm von Bayern, the originator of the construction of beautiful palaces in the nineteenth century. Among the palaces of Ludwig, Nueschwanstein is a renowned, visited by millions of travelers each year, dijadian example Disneyland castle, as well as films made fairy tale setting.
Tales Affairs traveled to the Palace, Do you Neuschwanstein, keen to visit there?

As usual, from the city of Nuremberg, the city where we lived at that time, we bought tickets this weekend. The four hour journey south to the Alps by train economies. Starting from Munich, gaining altitude railway track. We were through the lakes, the countryside. Everything looks peaceful. Because it is one of the main objectives in southern Germany, we were together a lot of tourists on the train. Foreign languages ​​other than German sound throughout the car. Almost noon, we arrived at Fussen. Tales Affairs Traveled To The Palace Neuschwanstein, I like traveling in

From Füssen we still have to take the bus back towards Schwangau, the name of the village where the Neuschwanstein looming. Because many visitors get there, the bus seat is not able to accommodate all. Passengers stand exploded in number. But all look cool. We are also grateful to still be transported by bus. Once again, crammed into a bus, not too pronounced because the journey is not too far away, less than half, and the scenery during the trip. Even many of the passengers screaming amazed as we were treated to views of the lake white out there. "Wow, beautiful nian" they exclaimed almost in unison.

Of stop stops in Schwangau, Neuschwanstein immediately radiate splendor. His mother was feeling so turned romantic. It was indeed like being in a fairy tale. Living with the daughters of kings and princes.

Initially, we did not directly up the hill to visit the castle. We notice here the area briefly before deciding where he is going first. Lots of tourists faced asia dominate the number of travelers. Buses carrying the group's tour. It seems that most of them come from Japan, because we note The tips tour here was made in three languages, German, English and Japanese.

We first photographed near Hohenschwangau castles, palaces else which is not as high as Neuschwanstein. Hohenschwangau not as beautiful as the other. But look cukupbesar and majestic. We also take pictures near the lake at the foot of the hill, aka Lake Alpsee Alps. Not many people came to the lake is like us. Maybe because he is not a major tourist attraction in this area.

Neuschwanstein is a kilo meters away from the mouth of tourist sites. To be able to go up there, it could be done in three ways. Take the bus, ride a wagon, and on foot. Expensive, carriage rides. Japanese tourists seem to use a lot of this means of transport. Prices go up and down the hills of course different. Three of four people boarded the train a horse, sometimes pictured with Pak working coachman. Better control of the horse that way. :) The cheaper, is riding the bus. Departure at certain hours only.

We, of course, chose the cheapest, using its own power, aka foot. Frugality all sports. Tanjakannya pretty steep. One kilometer's journey feels like miles and kilometers. Walking slowly smabil struggling, arrived in front of the palace.

However, fatigue is soon paid off when we got there, on the hill, which stands majestic Neuschwanstein. The beauty of the palace seemed to blend with the surrounding natural beauty. Alps in the distance, the two lakes at the foot of the hill, which Alpsee and kleine Schwansee (Small Swan Lake). Another group of tourists no less awe than us. Sebaian great directing their camera, capture the beauty of Neuschwanstein and its surroundings. We also took some photos of the castle background.

If we walk towards the bridge not far from the castle, we will find a place that is perfect for taking pictures with background Neuschwanstein. The road is closed in winter. There is no cost for taking the time to come here to get a beautiful picture of Neuschwanstein.


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