Sweet Surprises on Airline Bremen - Kaunas

Sweet Surprises on Airline Bremen - Kaunas
Alhamdulillah. After a nervous due to the departure of the train which was delayed and caused quite a stir in the night before we fly to Kaunas on vacation this fall. Everything went as expected. Examination of documents and baggage smoothly. Also at the security check. Ryanair plane towards Kaunas, Lithuania fly as scheduled at six-thirty in the morning.

Lack of sleep the night before, we slept most compact four two-hour flight Bremen - Kaunas. When we woke up before the plane until we see the city of Kaunas is under heavy clouds. We were surprised when sliding to land, the aircraft suddenly swooped up and circling above the clouds.
Sweet Surprises on Airline Bremen - Kaunas, I am really really surprised.

Pak pilot later explained, ten minutes before he was to see the runway. But suddenly fog and thick clouds blocking the view. The position of the cloud is too close to the surface, and exceeding a safe distance for the landing. So should rise again.

"We're going around in circles on top of Kaunas. Waiting for better circumstances. Do not worry, enough fuel. While waiting, we blow-blow clouds of here, yuk! "Mr. Pilot said jokingly.

We fell asleep again while waiting for the plane circling clouds thinned or move toward the other. His mother woke up when the pilot announced we would be landing in Riga.

Riga? Not one of ya Pak pilot, His mother thought to herself as she felt ngelindur. Instead of Riga was in another country with Kaunas. If Kaunas in Lithuania, Riga is the capital of Latvia.

His mother sure as the plane approached New Riga city that looks different from Kaunas. There was no heavy clouds here. The city also looks to be on the waterfront. While Kaunas is in the land. Especially when you hear me in the back ranting. Mr Pilot protest that dropped us here. Though the airport Vilnius, capital of Lithuania is much closer. His mother thought, surely there is also a route for Ryanair to Riga. They do not have the flight path to Vilnius.

Pak pilot apologized to the passengers. According to him, within the next two hours, the condition of Kaunas is expected to remain so. So the plane diverted to Riga direction. Mom kept nagging at the back. Her husband continues to entertain and engage joking. While the other passengers looked calm.

And we are. Hepi weight. Why? Since that afternoon we also plan to Riga. We had booked a bus ticket to get to Latvia's capital. Because of this unexpected flight, so saving energy and our four hour bus journey times Kaunas - Riga.

Arriving at the airport, we immediately canceled the reservation bus and report to the Ryanair that we were not going to ride the bus the other passenger transport services they headed Kaunas afternoon. It was the experience and the shock of unexpected flight.


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